Support and managed services

Getting the most out of your Salesforce environment requires not only a solid implementation but also support, expertise or guidance when needed. From incident management and performance management to continuous improvement and operational excellence; Gen25 can help you out.

With our expert support and managed services, we ensure your organisation gets the most out of your Salesforce org. As a company or organisation you want to focus on the business challenges ahead and technology should help you to make it easier to achieve your goals.  We support you in continuously improving your Salesforce environment. With this service, we use our knowledge and expertise within your organisation to optimise your performance. We offer various levels of service, from incidental support to a continuous improvement program.

Get the flexible and scalable support and service you need.

  • Resolve incidents based on their impact with the support of our service desk.
  • Enhance the performance on specific topics or continuously improve your Salesforce environment, with the co-creation of business-driven changes and implementing them in your digital practice.
  • Gen25 service and support is scalable and flexible, with the offering of bundles of hours which match your expected need.

From incident management to continuous improvement

Gen25 offers you the support, service and development capabilities you need based on your business ambition. From incidental support to continuous improvements via managed services for Salesforce.


Incident management

Incidents happen, our incident management process makes sure that the impact of these incidents is kept to a minimum. With clear prioritisation and response times defined in a Service Level Agreement (SLA), you know we will help you out when you need support for your Salesforce environment. Benefit from bundles of support hours

Minimise impact of incidents with expert support

  • Clearly defined incident management flow
  • Fast definition of case priorities based in impact
  • Monthly report on the hours spent and a description of the incidents
  • Tailored support with additional service possible, from standard workdays and regular hours to extended 24/7 support all year long.


Performance management

Learning from incidents, recurring incidents need to be resolved in a structural way. By allowing our team to spend time on not only resolving the incident but resolving the root cause you learn from the incidents and can take the appropriate steps. Regular updates and proactive support allow you to stay ahead of your competition and maintain a healthy Salesforce environment.

Improve specific processes to enhance performance

  • Work with dedicated lead consultant at Gen25
  • Experience based process to define the bottlenecks or weak points
  • Recurring communication moments to evaluate and improve collaboration
  • Improvements based on health check and insights of your Salesforce environment


Operational Excellence

Continuous improvement and development of your Salesforce environment enables you to get the most out of your customer engagement and employee experience. Gen25 is your partner in realising your ambitions. We combine our knowledge of business processes and technical improvements, together with your experiences in a joint team. We’ll support you with a tailored combination of DevOps, Data Lifecycle Management, Functional and technical Testing and the setup of a centre of excellence to get the most out of your Salesforce environment.

Achieve continous improvement

  • Perform business analysis to requirements and map business processes
  • Implemented DevOps, according to standards that can be co-created between your organisation and Gen25.
  • Create a back-up plan for your (meta) data which is essential for your business
  • Ensure new releases are properly tested following a UAT test script approach

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