At Gen25, we have chosen to work with innovative clouds such as Salesforce and AWS. The cloud integrations we offer our customers bring innovation and expert advice to their teams and customers. Our specialists build innovative clouds that are fully customised to your requirements. We build the platform you need to realise your ambitions.

A fully automated digital CX supported with a 360° customer view  

An integrated marketing, sales and service platform enables automation across customer and partner journeys.

With a 360° view everyone has the information they need during the entire journey.

All data sources should be connected to support the best experience and enable data driven decision making.

Sales, service and marketing working together. 

Optimise Sales, Service and Marketing

Gen25 Quickscan
We align technology with your objectives. In just 1 day, we assess and propose ideas for optimisation. Our specialists customise clouds such as Salesforce and AWS to meet your needs, providing recommendations on integration, usability and security, tailored to your ambitions.
Gen25 Quickstart
Even small data-driven actions can dramatically improve customer experience and business value. Find out more about our CRM Analytics Quickstart for Salesforce, get the best insights from your data and improve your customer experience.
Marketing tech
We combine marketing experience and Salesforce technical expertise to deliver Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Account Engagement solutions that create efficiency and generate return on investment.
Professional services industry solution
Especially in professional services, building trust and relationships to leverage your expertise and improve business growth is an ongoing challenge.

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