Customer and Market Focus

Improving customer and market orientation is crucial in today's competitive landscape. Gen25 specialises in solving customer and market issues, tackling fragmented data, resolving communication gaps and digitally empowering marketing strategies. 

We offer tailored solutions, from managing customer preferences and optimising data collection to streamlining sales processes and implementing automation. Let us help you harness the power of Salesforce to better understand your customers, adapt to market trends, streamline your operations and achieve your business goals.

We provide expertise in the main areas of customer and market focus

1. Limited understanding of existing customers and/or customer communication gaps
2. Understanding and reporting on marketing effectiveness
3. Inefficient and/or outdated sales processes
4. Customer lifecycle management: customer intake, loyalty and retention

A solution for every challenge

We guide you towards a better understanding of your customer

Tech and CX model
Discover our industry-leading CX and Technology Model, based on 4 key elements for success and growth. Let us assess your current technology capabilities and customer experience, identify areas for improvement and build a solid foundation.
Gen25 Quickscan
We align technology with your objectives. In just 1 day, we assess and propose ideas for optimisation. Our specialists customise clouds such as Salesforce and AWS to meet your needs, providing recommendations on integration, usability and security.
Transform your customer experience with Gen25's winning CX and technology model: easy, fast, personalised and connected. Based on over 400 projects, our approach guarantees quality interactions. Dive into our whitepaper for tailored advice to boost your digital ambitions.
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Are you challenged to align your business with customer and market expectations? We're here to help. Tell us about your story and let's work together to overcome the challenge. Start the conversation today and open up new opportunities for innovation.

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