Gen25 is a long-time partner of Salesforce with over 200 projects delivered. We have used our experience to develop a Quickscan for Salesforce.

When working with innovative clouds like Salesforce, every company or organisation potentially has access to the same advanced digital technology. To make the use of digital platforms like Salesforce a success, it’s key to understand which challenge you want to resolve. With Gen25's Quick Scan for Salesforce we are able to evaluate your Salesforce environment within one day. We map out how your Salesforce environment is implemented and we give recommendations to get the most out of your Salesforce environment. At Gen25 we like to make our customers even smarter.

What's included?

We review your org. from a security perspective and investigate where optimisations can be made

We map the processes by interviewing users of your Salesforce environment

We take a closer look at user adoption, custom objects and installed apps

You will receive a plan of action with price indication

We make an extensive report with practical tips and recommendations

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