FinDock, the Salesforce native application for connecting payment data to Salesforce and Subscription25, the Salesforce solution that tracks subscription contracts and takes care of invoices, are proud to start working as partners. "Together we offer a complete invoice-payment solution in salesforce".

“We’re excited to announce the partnership between two renowned salesforce (ISV) partners in the Netherlands” said Tim Schuitemaker, the CIO of Gen25. “Together, we offer a complete invoice payment solution for any organization wanting to enable customers to pay single and recurring invoices, all from within Salesforce”.

Instant service is fundamental in the world of payments

In the world of payments, the demand for an instant service is fundamental: customers want to pay directly, without too much hassle and suppliers want to receive payments instantly. “Our customers noticed their users want the convenience of bringing a sale to an operational process, from deal to contracts, and these contracts result in invoices. To integrate payments on these invoices is only the next step in the operational lifecycle of our customers. With this extension we can integrate payments within Salesforce as seamlessly as possible. We are happy that we are now able to offer this functionality to our customers, as of today” says Tim.

The Subscription25-FinDock connector matches payments to invoices, including bank transfers and direct debits. Also, you can use your own Payment Service Provider to get invoices paid directly or with FinDock payments Links almost instantly. Moreover, you can use existing mandates and payment profiles, and you can perform direct debits based on your existing Subscription25 contracts. This innovative solution is compatible for all organizations of all industries and sizes that aim to integrate invoicing and payments in Salesforce, including non-profit memberships, real-estate contracts, SaaS contracts, insurance contracts, or any other subscription service.

Take control via real-time insights and seamless integration

“It’s a great ‘payment add-on’ for Subscription25 customers, and every other organization that wants to harvest the power of Salesforce puting their customers at the centre of their business. This partnership allows customers to take control of their payments. Via our FinDock payment Links, invoices are paid instantly, they have real-time insights on payment statuses and benefit from seamless Salesforce integration” says Stefan van der Knaap, Product Manager at FinDock.

“Gen25 and FinDock are established Salesforce partners in the Netherlands, and both teams consist of talented people that have a ‘can-do mentality’. For FinDock, the partnership is successful if the new solution generates traction among shared customers, it provides us relevant insights for product innovation, and especially if this technology partnership enables us to touch base with prospects that are fond of the new complete package. Together, we can achieve so much more.” Concludes, Stefan. 

“The Subscription25 and FinDock connector will be offered to existing customers in the weeks to come”. says Tim Schuitemaker. We are very excited and cannot wait to see how it will be received by our customers, prospects and others within the Salesforce ecosystem. 

About Subscription25

Subscription25 enables the tracking of subscription contracts and takes care of single and recurring invoices. The salesforce native application offers clients the flexibility they have grown accustomed to, including freemium contracts, advanced discounts, and contract indexations. Therefore, it’s the perfect innovative solution for all organizations and industries, including non-profit memberships, real-estate contracts, SaaS contracts, insurance contracts, or any other subscription service

About FinDock

Today’s customers expect an integrated, personalized and truly connected experience when paying for goods and services or donating to their favorite charities. FinDock, the first Customer Payment Management solution 100% native to Salesforce, provides the ingredients for building relationships instead of just processing transactions. As an open, modular platform, FinDock ensures organizations can easily adapt to the latest FinTech while putting payment management at the heart of CRM.

The Subscription25 FinDock connector enables you to:


Match incoming payments to invoices, including bank transfers and direct debits


Bring your own payment service provider to get your invoices paid directly with FinDock


Create payment links for invoices which can be shared on an invoice or in the communication with a customer


Send single or recurring invoices and get them paid almost instantly


Support Multi-currency in your Salesforce


See real-time payment updates on your invoices


Perform direct debits based on your contracts