What is Subscription25?

The offering of subscription-based services or products is something that has an effect on every business. This new way of doing business allows creative pricing and packing in an evolving world. Subscription25 is a native Salesforce application which allows you to manage all your subscription contract and recurring invoices. The automated process of recurring orders provide your customers with periodical invoices and you can track who to charge each month directly in Salesforce.

The subscription economy

Recurring orders

Add Automations or AI

Native Salesforce Application

Recurring invoices

Recurring orders are at the heart of Subscription25. Offer free trials, freemium editions or time-based discounts, Subscription25 is able to handle these kind of payments with a recurring offering of invoices.


Twinfield & Exact
Subscription-based models built in Subscription25 can create invoices directly into accounting software Twinfield and Exact, saving you time and money and allowing in-depth insight in any process. Subscription25 can automatically generate invoices based on contracts, making Salesforce an operational billing system.

The FinDock connector matches payments to invoices, including bank transfers and direct debits. Also, you can use your own Payment Service Provider to get invoices paid directly or with FinDock payments Links almost instantly. Moreover, you can use existing mandates and payment profiles, and you can perform direct debits based on your existing Subscription25 contracts.

This innovative solution is compatible for all organizations of all industries and sizes that aim to integrate invoicing and payments in Salesforce, including non-profit memberships, real-estate contracts, SaaS contracts, insurance contracts, or any other subscription service.

Native Salesforce application

Subscription25 is built on the Salesforce platform and is completely integrated with Salesforce functionalities, such as Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.


Subscription25 user

€ 19

per month


Manage products and orders


Manage different pricing and subscription models


Set advanced discounts


Twinfield / Exact integration


Reports & dashboards


Combined invoicing

Community users

€ 99

per month


Includes 100 community users


Login to see subscriptions


Download pdf invoices


Cancel subscriptions online


Change account and contact information


Change PO numbers


See future orders


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