Whitepaper data, AI and customer experience

Expectations are high when it comes to the business value of data and AI. That’s no surprise, because AI has the potential to turn data into insights, recommandations and/or actions. In this whitepaper you’ll learn how to create a better customer experience using data, AI and automation.

Understanding the potential value of the usage of data doesn’t automatically lead to value generation from data. We know data has no ambition of its own, but companies do. There are two basic rules for unlocking the potential of data with (AI) algorithms

1. Connect to reliable data sources; dirty data never leads to clear results.
2.Focus on a business challenge; If data is the answer, what’s the question?

In the whitepaper we will discuss a phased approach in creating a data driven CX platform in general. We will also show you how advanced digital technology like Salesforce clouds, TableauCRM, Einstein, Mulesoft and Slack can help you create a valuable solution in practice.

What's included?

  • Rise of data and AI in business context
  • Data mining and Crisp DM explained
  • Getting from data to insights and action; descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • 3 building blocks of a AI empowered customer experience platform
  • Building a AI CX platform with Salesforce

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