Finecast: Redefining digital advertising through innovation

In a rapidly changing digital landscape, Finecast is at the forefront of innovation and redefining the digital advertising model. Using Salesforce technologies and Gen25's strategic collaboration, Finecast is redefining the way brands connect with their audiences, propelling advertising into a new era of efficiency and effectiveness.

Finecast, a recognised leader in digital advertising, is focused on expansion through innovation. Since 2021, we have had the opportunity to implement Salesforce solutions. This alliance has not only propelled Finecast to new heights, but has also revolutionised its operations, amplifying its growth and market leadership.

Strategic implementation for overall efficiency

Collaborative efforts and strategic implementations are at the heart of this success. In line with its global vision, Finecast has moved to GroupM to reduce technology debt by facilitating access to advanced functionality, streamlined customer campaign management and relevant business intelligence. This transition aligns with GroupM's broader objective of consolidating Salesforce Orgs to improve efficiency and reduce costs. 

Integrating data to support decision-making

Finecast's commitment to cutting-edge technology is reinforced by the transfer of forecasting data from a Business Intelligence (BI) platform to Salesforce, making Salesforce the primary source of this data. The BI platform will then use Salesforce's forecast fields for reporting. This change allows Finecast to easily view and compare forecast metrics with other financial data in Salesforce.

Stabilising future growth

Through meticulous code analysis and optimisation, Finecast has stabilised its platform, laying the foundations for faster Salesforce deployment. With version control mechanisms in place, Finecast is able to maintain, review and deploy code efficiently, ensuring alignment with industry standards and best practices.

Harnessing knowledge for strategic leadership

Finecast's strategic partnership with Salesforce is about more than just technical enhancements; it's about leveraging Salesforce's robust capabilities to make informed decisions. With the implementation of Salesforce Lightning in several new markets in the APAC region, including India, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Japan, Finecast is gaining access to unprecedented information. Using sophisticated analysis and reporting tools, Finecast gains invaluable insight into market trends, audience behaviour and campaign performance. Armed with this knowledge, Finecast confidently navigates the dynamic digital advertising landscape, strategically positioning itself as an industry leader. 

Global ambitions, local effectiveness

Transition projects in markets as diverse as the United-States and Asia Pacific underline Finecast's global ambitions and Salesforce's versatility. By unifying disparate systems onto a single, customisable platform, Finecast is able to benefit in terms of efficiency, streamlined operations and cost reduction. In addition, integrations with Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), software that enables an advertiser to buy advertising in an automated way, and the consolidation of forecasting data into Salesforce underline Finecast's commitment to innovation and data-driven decision making.

A transformative partnership

The partnership between Finecast and Gen25 is more than just a collaboration: it is a transformational journey marked by innovation, efficiency and strategic growth. By harnessing the power of Salesforce and its expertise, Finecast continues to redefine the boundaries of digital advertising, setting new standards of excellence in the industry. The way is paved for a future where success knows no boundaries.

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