A journey to success: Boat Bike Tours on scalable and customer focussed travel operations.

Discover Boat Bike Tour's remarkable success, from strategic planning to seamless integration, and see how this collaboration has transformed the travel experience for customers and the business.

Gen25 is proud to dive into the success of its collaboration with Boat Bike Tours (BBT). Since 2020, we have been delighted to benefit from a transformative collaboration, successfully helping Boat Bike Tours to double its turnover in 4 years.

Boat Bike Tours organizes boat and bike tours in Europe for a unique cycling and cruising experience, offering over 40 itineraries in 15 countries with a unique, tailor-made travel concept. BBT has discovered in Gen25 not only a partner but also a driver for operational excellence and improved customer experience.

This blog post reflects our joint achievements, highlighting the innovative solutions that have not only revolutionised BBT's operations, but also redefined travel experiences through the move to a single platform approach with Salesforce at its heart. Gen25 has implemented Sales Cloud, optimised Marketing Cloud, Tableau and integrated additional functionality such as GoMeddo, Subscription and PDF Butler.

« We really got to know each other, and we learn from each other. Gen25 consultants are like colleagues. They don't just deliver: they solve, explain, and help. »

Laurens Winkel | Owner of Boat Bike Tours

Fostering technological innovation
At the forefront of technological advancement, Gen25 empowered BBT to reshape the travel industry's planning and booking processes. Collaboratively, we crafted a dynamic 360-degree interface using Salesforce solutions – a revolutionary change that significantly enhanced customer service and operational efficiency.

As for data collection, BBT's use of Salesforce tools has added significant value, allowing access to data for group bookings, enabling the delivery of even more personalised holidays.

BBT's vision for a more sustainable future
Looking ahead, BBT envisions a more responsible approach, enabling its customers to calculate the cost of CO2 emissions to promote responsible and more environmentally-friendly travel.

Seamless planning and integration
Gen25's collaboration with BBT resulted in the development of seamless planning solutions, offering customers a unified view of BBT's offerings. Leveraging Salesforce and GoMeddo tools, we co-created a comprehensive planning and booking system, providing a strategic roadmap for BBT's growth. GoMeddo, as a native Salesforce application, eliminates switching times between systems, making bookings twice as fast and information more reliable.

Innovative growth and community building
In 2006, with just 2 ships and 3,000 guests, BBT has grown exponentially to 40 ships, 28,000 guests, and 150 tourist guides. The implementation of Salesforce by Gen25 has enabled BBT to structure the company and its work processes into several communities, fostering collaboration among tourist guides, boat owners, and business partners.

Adapting and thriving in challenging times
Despite the corona pandemic, BBT not only stayed afloat but doubled its turnover, showcasing resilience and success in challenging times. This achievement is attributed to comprehensive staff training, involving everyone, and adopting a "go with the flow" strategy during the Salesforce tools adoption process, ensuring fluid exchanges and learning, even remotely in the US.

Strategic focus on sustainability and data strategy
For its future projects, BBT aims to improve sustainability performance, focus on a data strategy, and enhance performance to increase customer loyalty, emphasising quality, authenticity, and tailor-made experiences.

Adoption of Salesforce Net Zero Cloud
BBT has implemented Salesforce's Net Zero Cloud, a platform designed to help organisations track, analyse and report their carbon emissions. The tool allows BBT to calculate CO2 emissions for each tour, encouraging responsible and environmentally friendly travel. The use of Net Zero Cloud underlines BBT's commitment to sustainability and aligns with its vision of a more responsible future.

A bright future ahead
As part of its future plans, BBT will set up its tour operator in the US, promising great success and expansion into new countries. BBT is poised for seasons of success, propelled by the operational efficiencies of the new system and platform.

Gen25 is proud to be more than just a technology partner; BBT has become a pioneer in the travel industry, leveraging innovation and technology to redefine the customer experience, leading to increased business success. And Gen25 knows it very well, a good customer experience ensures repeat business, with 9 out of 10 customers becoming recurring customers.

Continued collaboration and exploration
The journey marked by collaborative workshops and an unwavering focus on efficiency, with dedicated consultants from both BBT and Gen25, illustrates the perfect synergy between the two entities. Future projects are set to further exploit technology, enhancing efficiency and profitability through cutting-edge technologies such as AI.

BBT as an industry exemplar
BBT stands as a perfect example of how a company, regardless of size, can achieve remarkable achievements with the right technology partner. In Gen25, BBT found not just a collaborator but an ally in their journey to redefining success and customer experiences in the travel industry.

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