Unlocking expansion: B&C International's journey to scalability, data and customer experience

B&C International is a leading player in the European interior and window decoration market. The company is present in more than 8 countries, the most important markets being the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, France, Norway, Spain and Italy. Since the acquisition by Spring Window Fashions in the United States, the company is looking for effective scalability to continue its expansion. The focus is on scalability, data and customer experience to unlock growth opportunities. ​​​​​

Empowering expansion with 3 focus areas

The collaboration between B&C International and Gen25 focuses on 3  key areas: scalability, data and customer experience. As the company looks to expand its market penetration in current markets and connect its reinvented business operations across borders, the need for robust technology solutions becomes key. With Gen25's expertise and Salesforce's powerful capabilities, B&C International is geared up to uncover new opportunities, improve customer experience and service, and gain a complete 360-degree view of its customers.

A new way of working

In response to a highly competitive and mature market where consolidation is increasing, B&C is focusing on the efficiency of its operations. Gen25 played a key role in guiding B&C International through this transition. It facilitated  the discovery phase and developed a compelling business case to get buy-in from key decision-makers. The phased roll-out approach, currently being implemented in the Netherlands, Belgium and Norway, is designed to ensure a smooth transition while positioning the company for future expansion.

Recognising the challenges posed by this fiercely competitive landscape, B&C International is prioritising the need for more efficient and scalable sales operations to support its growth objectives. The new digital infrastructure put in place by Gen25 will provide a solid foundation for achieving the company's goal of increasing its market share by 10% in a mature market.

Leveraging data for international growth

At the heart of B&C International's growth strategy is the use of data to inform decision-making and drive business results. Gen25 facilitated the Salesforce integration, enabling the company to leverage sales performance data, customer information and workflow automation tools. With clear KPIs, comprehensive customer segmentation and workflow automation capabilities, B&C International is gaining actionable insights to drive its international growth strategy. By leveraging data-driven decision-making and exploring the possibilities of AI, the company is ready to seize new opportunities and drive sustained growth.

Meeting the challenge of business growth

With the implementation of Salesforce and advice from Gen25, B&C International has all the keys in hand to meet the challenges of business growth. By adopting a technology-driven CX model and leveraging data-driven insights, B&C International is in a position to seize opportunities and overcome challenges. This collaborative approach underlines the importance of leveraging technology and expertise to drive sustainable growth and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The partnership between B&C International and Gen25, powered by Salesforce, illustrates the transformative impact of scalable solutions, data-driven strategies, and customer-centric initiatives. Let’s wish good luck to B&C International and its journey towards global growth!

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