‘There is no automation without integration’ Gen25 partners with MuleSoft platform for APIs and integrations

Gen25 is now an official MuleSoft partner! As a Salesforce partner we know how important data integration is in building a platform solution for our clients, so we are happy to be able to offer the MuleSoft integration solutions.

Especially the ability to unify data to deliver a reliable customer view, automate business processes and build connected experiences is of great added value.

To allow you to build a seamless customer and employee experiences it’s essential to connect your apps and data. If you want to harvest all the benefits data has to offer, you most likely need to connect to different systems across your organization. Especially if you want an AI algorithm like Salesforce Einstein to automatically kick-off actions based on data. You cannot achieve automation across a value chain without integration; it’s simply impossible to automate things that aren’t even connected.

Connection of data
The connection of your SaaS applications and clouds gives organizations the ability to create customer data lake. Insights gathered can be used to improve customer experience and grow your business. No more juggling around with data sets, with Salesforce and MuleSoft integration software you can create a single source of truth. If you're looking for this, you are not the only one.

Single source of truth
90% of executives who participated in the Salesforce research ‘State of CRM’ would find value in a single source of truth about their customers. Unfortunately, only 32% have this view today. The main cause for the lack of the single source of truth is the fragmentation of CRM within 73% of the participating organizations. In this way fragmented digital technology and data continue to impede customer focus. Fragmentation leads to disconnected organizational silos with data.

“...when data is scattered across systems, it’s harder to achieve a consistent enterprise view of customer and prospect data to inform decision making. Almost 60% agree that these silos negatively impact the quality of customer and prospect experiences.” Brain Solis, VP Global Innovation Evangelist - Salesforce

MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce
MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce is a specific solution which makes it easy to use clicks, not code, to bring data from Salesforce and third-party systems together. And you can automate these integrations to boost productivity.

Whitepaper on data and customer experience platform
In the beginning of 2022 we launched a whitepaper on the creation of a data-driven customer experience platform. If you want to get a free download with information, insights, and advice, please download it on https://www.gen25.com/whitepaper-data-and-cx

If you want to know more about our partnership with MuleSoft or do you have an integration question about data, Salesforce or building a customer experience platform, let us know! We are happy to help.

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