Driving growth with a flexible business model in Salesforce

Based on Salesforce, Gen25 built a platform that turned a 90% drop into a success story of growth for a company running a flexible business model.

‘On-demand’ or ‘Servitization’ business models, focus on a flexible offering with a high degree of customer centricity. These business models aren’t the same, nevertheless both really focus on removing burdens for customers, such as location, ownership, maintenance and selection.

Tribes provides a unique combination of flexible office spaces and business services from 19 high-end locations. The company is running a business model with a flexible offering at its core but was also challenged to resolve a 90% drop in meeting room bookings due to Covid measures. Almost one year down the road from the initial challenge, they managed to turn their performance around in an impressive way. We are happy to share the quantitative results in this article as an example of how you can run a flexible business in a solid way with digital technology.

Digital transformation

Tribes has been a Salesforce user and Gen25 customer since 2015, but in 2021 they chose to accelerate their digital transformation with a totally new digital platform based on Salesforce. Tribes as a high-end business service organization is always looking for ways to improve customer experience, but with the 90% drop in mind they had to act fast. 

Recurring business cycle

Based on a strong customer centric vision a digital transformation program was created, with integration, flexibility and convenience as key topics. Tribes saw the untapped potential of Salesforce and this resulted in the creation of a new business platform which is a combination of Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, a custom built Heroku CMS and GoMeddo as native Salesforce booking app. Tribes can now combine the flexibility and intelligence of GoMeddo with the power of Salesforce to create a full recurring business cycle in 5 steps:

  1. Generate availability and options directly: Tribes uses GoMeddo multidimensional booking intelligence with unlimited variables, to manage any kind of resource from meetings rooms, office spaces to services.
  2. Improve User Experience: Tribes makes selection and booking easy, with integration of GoMeddo on a newly built webportal based on a Heroku CMS.
  3. Drive revenue: Via GoMeddo Tribes offers several payment options to customers for their bookings, additionally a subscription or invoice can be offered directly. 
  4. Build 360 Customer Profile: Tribes can instantly use customer data in Salesforce CRM because GoMeddo is native Salesforce app. 
  5. Create insights, (re)engage and target: GoMeddo enables Tribes and its customers to make complex scheduling easy in Salesforce. So next to Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud was implemented to replace Hubspot CRM and create a more integrated value chain and better usage of customer data. Tribes can now even further personalize offering and engage customers using usage data in 360 Salesforce view.

Performance and results

Tribes has always been a successful company, even in the challenging times of 2020 and 2021. Their strong business vision, combined with the creation of their new digital platform to run the full business cycle in Salesforce with GoMeddo, boosted revenue, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. 

  • Tribes has seen its revenue doubled since the implementation of the digital business platform with GoMeddo business cycle based on Salesforce. 
  • Tribes has seen its flexible office space occupancy rate grow to an industry leading 80% after implementation of the platform.
  • New business leads have significantly increased with 25%, due to a better online customer experience.
  • Tribes has seen its employee focus on administration been reduced with 50% due to better integration of data and there is no need to switch between different systems anymore. This time-saving is fully used in customer engagement at the different locations, making customers at ease and delivering on the high-end promise.
  • Additional result of the usage of the platform is processes are more connected and easier to onboard people on. Estimates are that onboarding time for new colleagues have dropped 30%, which is great with regards to the growth ambition of Tribes.

Tribes is now more successful than ever before and looking forward to further scale their international expansion, with a strong digital backbone to run their business on.

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