Tribes uses Salesforce to support their rapid growth

Salesforce is the core of the organization and is leading to many external systems such as the website, accountancy system and their POS-application.

Tribes is an international, dynamic and service-oriented organization renting out office space and flexible workspace to mobile ‘business nomads’. A tribe of like-minded professionals, who are going where the business takes them and use Tribes as a home base with the many facilities they offer. With 19 locations in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and services from dry cleaning to shoe repair tribes offers het customers a full service package.

Streamlining the process from reservation to invoicing

Tribes offers a variety of membership for flexible use of their office spaces as well as offering fixed rates for renting offices and meeting spaces. To ensure that the process from ordering and booking to invoicing runs as efficiently as possible for all customers and to support the growth of the company, Tribes asks for a system which facilitates the management of complex contracts and services within one environment. Therefore, the technical functionalities Tribes requires from Salesforce are very high. Tribes expects Gen25 to be a flexible and dynamic partner who understands their business needs and ensures that the Salesforce implementation facilitates the rapid growth.

Scheduling in Salesforce

To support the sales team with the sales- and contracts trajectory Salesforce Sales Cloud is implemented. In Sales Cloud staff can manage all contacts leads and opportunities to help make better and faster decisions.

GoMeddo was implemented to make booking and scheduling meeting rooms more efficient and to manage this from one central location within Salesforce. All 19 locations and all their meeting rooms can be managed from GoMeddo as well as all their future locations, allowing the system to grow with the company. Tribes customers can make reservation via a portal or the website. This portal is developed by Gen25’s in-house python developers. This Heroku (Engagement Cloud) application allows customers to manage their personal details, make reservations, see their orders and invoices and communicate directly with Tribes.

Salesforce is the core of the organization and is leading to many external systems such as the website, accountancy system and their POS-application.

Choosing Salesforce and Gen25

“Salesforce is the most advanced CRM system in the market today and offers outstanding value for money. It supports all our business activities which, thanks to Salesforce, we can now manage and execute more efficiently. You could almost say that the platform has become indispensable. Gen25 has supported us perfectly in the implementation of the platform, they understand our wishes and needs and they act quickly.”

New Tribes website

Tribes Inspiring Workplaces offers workspaces, meeting rooms, and other office spaces in unique locations, each with its atmosphere inspired by a Hero Tribe. There are still 34 nomadic tribes globally, and Tribes is number 35: The Business Nomads. In 2021, Gen25 developed a new website for Tribes that would finally match its stunning offices.

“We always wanted a new website with a beautiful design that would give our customers a great online customer experience and would enable themselves to book the office spaces that they preferred,” says Eline Hamelijnck, Marketing Manager at Tribes. “The integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud w will increase efficiency and accelerate processes. “The corona crisis offered us the opportunity to reinvest in our digital environment so that we would be ready when our customers would come back to our office spaces and make use of our services again. We’re happy Gen25 could help us reach that deadline.”

It was essential for the new Tribes website to integrate with Salesforce Sales Cloud because it increases the productivity of its sales staff. However, there was no real-time data connection between the website and the CRM, which prohibited customers from seeing the live offering, requiring the Tribes’ service team to invest lots of lost time in follow-up emails and phone calls. Tribes now benefit from real-time data insights and automated booking requests.

Another essential feature of the website was the configuration of the GoMeddo booking widget. “We wanted to give the customers more control over their Bookings,” says Eline. The GoMeddo widget was significantly updated with new features. When customers go to the new website and find their preferred location, they can immediately see the available timeslots, the available services and submit their group details.

Last but not least, it was essential that the new website performs better than the previous website. “We asked Gen25 not only to make the website aesthetically more beautiful but also to think of user interface (UI) and conversion-rate-optimization”. Gen25 has built the Tribe website using the best practices in CRO and SEO. “We’re confident that the website will perform better as the whole online customer journey is improved.”

“The hosts are fond of the new design, and the service managers are happy that customers can book their rooms and services. The Tribes Members are also excited that they can see the availability of the rooms. Our employees are delighted they do not have to call each customer to finalize reservations. Our Finance department is satisfied with the fact that they do not have to create every invoice themselves anymore. All is taken care of by our new website and the salesforce integration.”

Gen25 continues to help Tribes with the new website, the implementation process of Salesforce products and is fully committed to being an essential sparring partner for future digitalization and innovation. On our next project, we will create a beautifully designed web portal, and we will help Tribes with the setup of their marketing automation using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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