'Steaming hot' Salesforce Genie uses streaming data, the next step in CX

Salesforce positioned itself as a fully connected platform solution and is living up to this promise with ongoing innovations. We discussed Salesforce cloud integration, CRM Analytics, Einstein and Mulesoft in our whitepaper on data and CX. Additionally, at Dreamforce ‘22, Salesforce launched a new data concept; Salesforce Genie. So how does this fit into the total package and what value can be generated with Salesforce Genie?

Salesforce CDP

Salesforce Genie is an evolution of the Salesforce Customer Data Platform or Salesforce CDP. So let’s first explain Salesforce CDP. A CDP typically consists of a customer database, a marketing automation feature, and functionality for managing multichannel campaigns and real-time interactions. This is especially useful if you need a marketing database with user-level data. Salesforce CDP is primarily used as a marketing solution and Salesforce states it’s currently the fastest growing solution.

Salesforce Genie concept

Salesforce has had the option to create personal customer profiles for some time now. But the way in which Genie gives an impulse to this is revolutionary for the platform. Genie ingests real-time data also known as ‘streaming data’, stores them at scale, and combines them with transactional data from Salesforce. It includes built-in connectors that pull in data from any channel, data stream, or system, internal or external, whether the source is a Salesforce application, mobile app, website, or internet-connected device.

967 apps for good business operations

Based on research, an average company uses 967 apps for good business operations, each with its own database and dataset. That creates a fragmented data landscape with potentially 967 versions of a single customer. Salesforce Genie is harmonizing this almost fast-growing amount of dynamic data in Customer 360 in real time through the Customer Data Platform from Salesforce. Based on this, the unified customer profiles can be fine-tuned and a new level of personalization can be achieved.

‘The Genie concept makes Salesforce the first real-time CRM platform’

Salesforce Genie connects data from different sources

Real-time or ‘streaming’ data

The big difference with the launch of the Salesforce Genie concept is the improved integration of different data sources and the ability to use live real-time/streaming data sources. It’s an important evolution for Salesforce as a platform. The genie concepts aligns really well with the 3 elements which make up a data driven CX platform as discussed in this whitepaper. A customer-level data lake which can gather real-time data, intelligent analytics and prediction models who can process and analyze data at scale and process automation flows which can kick-off actions immediately.

More on data, AI and automation with Salesforce

More on creating a better customer experience, using data, AI and automation with Salesforce? Please download our whitepaper and see how you can use Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Mulesoft, CRM Analytics and Genie to reimagine customer experience.

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