Salesforce World Tour London: Reflecting on customers conversations and our new AI-readiness proposition

Find out about the trending topics discussed at Salesforce World Tour London 2024, the future of AI integration in UK businesses and our AI readiness assessment tool: the keys to preparing your business for sustainable growth and innovation.

Gen25 was happy to be a co-sponsor of the Salesforce World Tour London and immerse in the latest innovations and interact with customers and contacts in the UK. Meeting our customers is always a very pleasant and informative experience. Curious to know what the hottest topics were? They ranged from system optimisation, adoption challenges and the exciting potential of AI. Dive into the full article to find out more and learn more about our new tool, the AI readiness assessment.

As a new challenger in the UK market, Gen25's presence at the Salesforce London World Tour 2024 was key. The event was a melting pot of innovative ideas, with Salesforce showcasing its latest advances and attendees eager to explore new solutions. Here are some key points from the event, what we learned from it and the highlights of our presence.

Salesforce AI Innovation Center

One of the most significant announcements at the event was Salesforce's $4 billion investment in the UK AI Innovation Center. This initiative underlines Salesforce's commitment to driving AI innovation, a sentiment that resonated strongly with us. The focus on Data Cloud was also notable, underlining its growing importance in the UK, highlighting that UK businesses are more aware and ready to integrate advanced Salesforce products into their operations.

Focus on innovation

The launch of the AI Innovation Center represents a significant opportunity for us to align with Salesforce's vision and leverage AI to deliver cutting-edge solutions. We aim to focus on the Data Cloud Starter Pack, which will allow us to capitalise on the growing trend and help UK businesses purge their technology debt to fully utilise the capabilities of AI.

Trends and discussions with our visitors

Our booth was buzzing with visitors eager to engage in conversation. Interacting with our customers is always very informative and an excellent opportunity to keep up to speed with current trends and business challenges. Here are the main conversations and themes we'd like to share with you: 

  • Systems optimisation and performance
  • Adoption challenges
  • Data quality
  • Exploring generative AI

AI readiness: the future is now

AI is everywhere, and for good reason. In order to harness the capabilities of AI, your business needs to be ready and have all the keys in hand. To help businesses do just that, we've launched our AI Readiness Assessment. 

Our comprehensive tool assesses a company's AI readiness in several key areas:

  • Business strategy and goals: Aligning AI initiatives with business goals.
  • Data management and quality: Ensuring data quality and accessibility.
  • Technical infrastructure: Assess the ability of existing technology to support AI workloads.
  • Skills and competencies: Assessing in-house AI expertise and training needs.
  • Process and change management: Implementing effective project and change management strategies.
  • Ethical and regulatory considerations: Ensuring ethical AI practices and regulatory compliance.

Our experts sharing AI knowledge 

The assessment provides a detailed analysis and rating, identifying gaps and prioritising improvement actions. Here's how we help companies progress:

  • Identify gaps: Analyse the results to identify areas requiring attention.
  • Develop a roadmap: Create a strategic plan to address gaps and improve AI readiness.
  • Pilot projects: Implement small-scale AI projects to demonstrate value and refine approaches.
  • Continuous improvement: Regularly reassess readiness and adjust strategies as necessary.

We also offer workshops plan to inspire AI use cases:

  • Understanding AI: providing an overview of the concepts and benefits of AI.
  • Inspiring use cases: Present concrete examples from different business sectors.
  • Brainstorming session: Facilitate group discussions to identify potential applications of AI.
  • Prioritisation and feasibility: Evaluate and prioritise the ideas from the brainstorming.

Our participation in the Salesforce London World Tour 2024 has strengthened our presence in the UK market. We gained valuable insights, participated in interesting discussions and showcased our expertise in AI readiness. As we move forward, we are excited to build on this foundation, leveraging Salesforce innovations to drive business growth and deliver exceptional value to our UK customers.

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