Joost's adventure: Gen25's support for education in Tanzania

During Christmas 2023 we donated to Leo's Primary School in Tanzania as part of the Pledge 1% initiative organised by Salesforce. Joost Broekhoven, during his sabbatical, decided to do a volunteering experience and contribute to the construction of essential furniture for the school, improving the learning environment for disadvantaged children. To find out more about Joost's adventure, read this article.

At Gen25 we are committed to making a positive impact. This is what we are taking part in the Pledge 1% initiative. The pledge 1% initiative was originally established by the founders of Salesforce with the aim to motivate businesses to donate one percent of their technology, equity and employees’ time to different non-profit organizations.

Every year, Gen25 makes a donation to charity. In 2023, we decided to make a donation to Leo's Primary School, a charity close to the heart of one of our colleagues, Joost Broekhoven. Joost decided to take advantage of the 2-month sabbatical we offer our employees to combine travel and generosity, and embarked on a two-month trip to Tanzania with the goal to build 15 tables and 20 chairs for Leo's primary school in Kagera.

This project was initiated by Joost’s friends Natasha and Leo who live and work in Tanzania and support the Kagera community by working at the St. Joseph’s hospital and building the Leo’s Primary School to provide access to education for underprivileged children. ‍

Leo's vision for the Primary School stemmed from his own educational background at a private institution. Recognizing the significant difference in class sizes between private and public schools, the goal was to provide a more conducive learning environment with smaller class sizes, allowing for enhanced teacher-student interaction. Additionally, dormitories are offered, ensuring that students living far from the school can stay on campus. Notably, students are taught in English instead of Swahili aiming to equip students with valuable skills for future career opportunities, particularly within the tourism sector.

There was no doubt that Gen25 would support Joost in his mission to help to further establish the primary school’s facilities. With the donations from Gen25 but also from family and friends the necessary materials were purchased while also supplying the school's library with vital educational resources as well as supplying the St.Joseph’s Hospital with heating elements for the incubator, vitamin K for the new born children and oxygen meters.

During Joost’s time in Tanzania the weekdays were dedicated to craftsmanship at the school while the weekends were reserved for traveling through the country. He discovered the local cuisine and soaked up the warmth of Tanzanian hospitality, feeling safe and welcomed at every turn.

As the 2 months came to an end Joost had achieved to build a total of 10 tables and 10 chairs. Before his departure he hosted a heartfelt farewell party where a special moment was marked by Leo’s gesture—a symbolic cake, signifying gratitude and friendship in Tanzanian tradition. 

The commitment to the Leo’s Primary School continues and Joost is currently working on a new project  to secure future funding and he hopes to one day revisit his cherished Tanzanian community. 

Gen25 is very proud to be able to support these invitations and to support employees who give their time and energy to causes close to their hearts as part of our annual commitment to donate to charity through the Pledge 1% initiative.

Joost and Leo

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