Christmas 2023: celebrating in a special way

2023 has been a year of great achievement for Gen25, and our team's successes were joyfully celebrated at our recent Christmas party. We are in a fortunate position, but these moments remind us that not everyone is. As part of our annual commitment to donate to charities with the Pledge 1% initiative, this year we decided to make a donation to the Rainbow Foundation and Leo's Primary School & St. Michael's Hospital.

Spreading cheer beyond the holidays

At Gen25, the joy doesn't stop at our annual Christmas party. It's a time of the year when goodwill extends beyond the walls of our office. As we look back on the festivities of yesterday, we're delighted to share not only the festive moments, but also some of the good news that underlines our commitment to making a positive impact as part of the Pledge 1% initiative. Success is the result of hard work, but the luck factor is also very important and we are well aware that not everyone is given the same chances.

Empowering futures: our support to two charities

We are delighted to announce that we are making a donation to two charities, The Rainbow Foundation and Leo’s Primary School & St. Joseph Hospital, both of which reflect the missions of our company and our desire to give back by supporting causes that add real value to people’s lives. Both organisations hold a special place in the hearts of our colleagues Joost Broekhoven and Marc Dekker, who devote their time and energy to them. They both share a noble objective: to provide access to education for unprivileged children.

Fostering the spirit of giving back
Gen25 is very proud to support the commitment and dedication of its employees, Joost and Marc, by making a real difference to these remarkable causes. The impact of their efforts extends beyond the festive season, bringing significant benefits to many children and embodying our challenge-driven spirit.

Learn more about the causes
The Rainbow Foundation
contributes to the education of underprivileged children. Its mission is to open up opportunities in India and Indonesia, where education is often the key to better opportunities. The foundation helps fund many expenses and activities, such as school fees, uniforms, transport to and from school, and books.

Gen25's donation will be used to purchase computers for use in a new computer room to be built. Children can then use the computers to learn about informatics.

Leo’s Primary School & St. Joseph Hospital's mission is to raise funds to purchase essential building materials for the school in Kagera and medical supplies for the hospital in Kagondo to provide children with a place to play and learn while helping to improve healthcare facilities in Tanzania.

Gen25's donation will be used to buy materials to build furniture for the school and medicines for the hospital.

Both charities can always use more support, interested in making a contribution? Please visit their websites for more information:

A happy festive season

As we send our best Christmas and New Year wishes to our customers and colleagues.


Gen25 wishes you a very happy festive season.

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