Go-live Field Service Mobile application for GGN bailiffs

Last week, we celebrated another important milestone in the Nexus project with GGN. Gen25 is bringing all GGN’s activities to Salesforce via this project that is divided over various plateaus. It was great to celebrate the go-live of the new mobile application for GGN’s bailiffs. This mobile application is developed using Salesforce Field Service.

The optimal route to a debtor's address

This mobile application enables GGN bailiffs to work more efficiently and make better-informed decisions.

  1. Route optimization

A new planning engine provides them with the optimal routes to reduce travel time and the bailiff's planning, and they see what address they have to go to next.

  1. Accurate information

When they arrive at a debtor’s address, the mobile application gives them accurate information about the customer and the claim’s status. Moreover, the bailiffs can execute their official acts right on the premise.

  1. Direct communication and collaboration

To conclude, the bailiffs can communicate directly with office personnel and give them tasks directly from the application. Collaboration between the bailiffs and the office personnel is improved significantly.

About Salesforce Field service

Salesforce Field Service (Lightning), is a Salesforce product that connects customers, workforce and products on a single platform to deliver exceptional on-site services. It also provides customer support team a chance to intelligently delegate work to colleagues 'in the field' and monitor them constantly

Strong collaboration

“It was another example of strong collaboration with different representatives from GGN and our multidisciplinary  team. This ensured that the MVP meets the requirements & wishes of the users and is positively adopted. I am very proud that we delivered what we agreed on within 6 months.”

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