Gen25 and Druva forge partnership which brings data resilience to Salesforce platforms

We are excited to share news of a strategic partnership between Gen25, as a leading in Salesforce implementation partner and Druva, an expert in cloud data protection and management. This collaboration bring data resilience to integrated Salesforce platforms across different industries in the Netherlands and the UK.

The Expertise of Gen25:

Gen25, with its in-depth experience in Salesforce technology, plays a crucial role in enhancing customer experiences through customised Salesforce solutions. This proficiency has facilitated over 200 businesses in optimising their CRM investments, ensuring seamless integration and effective customization.

The Strength of Druva:

Druva brings its expertise in cloud data protection, managing over 150 petabytes of data across its customer base. Their approach modernises data security and compliance, offering businesses a simplified yet effective way to protect their digital assets.

A Unified Vision on bringing data resilience to the Salesforce Platform:

However strong cyber defence may be, odds are ransomware or other breaches will eventually find a way through. Organisations are shifting to a new approach to data protection, defence, and recovery called data resiliency — which places a new emphasis on recoverability and bouncing back from data breaches, rather than threat prevention alone. 

Data resiliency is having your organisation’s data always available and accessible despite unexpected business disruptions such as cyber attacks. In the event of data loss, your team will have clean data backed up that’s easily and quickly accessible, enabling a smooth transition back to business with minimal impact on your operations.

Both Gen25 and Druva actively leverage the Salesforce platform, the leading CRM solution. This shared platform is the technical foundation of our partnership, combining Gen25's customization capabilities with Druva's data management strengths.

Synergistic Benefits:

  • Enhanced Data Security: Integrating Druva's data protection into Gen25's Salesforce based solutions, offers businesses an extra layer of security, safeguarding critical data within the CRM environment.
  • Efficient Operations: This partnership combines Gen25's Salesforce based platforms with Druva's efficient data management tools, streamlining business processes.
  • Innovative Solutions: Together, we aim to develop cloud solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern businesses, leveraging the reliable and scalable infrastructure of Salesforce.
  • Customer-Centric Solutions: Our shared commitment to customer success ensures that the solutions born from this partnership will be technically sound and focused on meeting customer needs.

As we move forward with this partnership, our focus remains on excellence, innovation, and aligning with customer needs. The collaboration between Gen25 and Druva is a step towards enhancing what businesses can achieve with Salesforce.

Stay tuned for more updates as we forge ahead in shaping cloud-based solutions together!

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