Gen25's partners with Valori; a proven software testing and quality assurance provider

Gen25 proudly celebrates a new collaboration - a partnership with Valori!

Valori is the largest Software Testing and Quality Assurance provider in the Netherlands. Founded in 1989 and based in Utrecht and since beginning 2023 part of Cerios, a group of complementary Test & Quality Assurance companies.  

Valori employs over 200 QA & test professionals and with its knowledge of tooling and low-code platforms, Valori supports clients in sectors including: financial services, government, telecoms, insurance and utilities.

Providing additional value

Valori and Gen25 both have a very open and pleasant approach to consulting, a lot of knowledge and passion in their respective fields of expertise. Together we believe that we can provide additional value to the Gen25 customers by professionalising QA and testing and as a result lowering cost of poor quality and lowering recurring operational costs for testing by using test automation.  

When looking at the state of testing in the Salesforce landscape we noticed that QA and testing are often not an integral part of a Salesforce implementation. Both topics are more considered to be cost components than areas that can add quality and value to a project.

Especially with today’s more agile project approaches and more frequent releases testing can become a constant burden on an organisation. By adopting a structured approach early on in the project and setting up automated testing the cost of testing and the claim it puts on an organisation can be lowered while raising the overall quality of project deliveries - lowering the cost of poor quality.

At Gen25 we believe that putting more and earlier focus on QA and testing is a necessity for both ourselves and the customer. The customer will need to invest time and money earlier on in the project but will see the return on their investment during the later phases of the project and later stages of the application’s lifecycle.

While the approach describes principles for new implementations it can just as well be put into practice on existing implementations. When onboarding existing implementations Gen25 uses a health check to determine the state of the Salesforce implementation at the customer by looking at the configuration, technical and business perspective. The Health Check then provides advice on improvement areas and ways to take Salesforce to the next level. This health check can now also include an additional section with proposed improvements in the area of QA and testing in close cooperation with Valori.

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