Accelerating Biller's [NOTYD] international ambitions

Ambitious expansion plans

Only 8 months after Biller was launched, the Danish FinTech Banking circle (EQT Gr.) - a leading player in the provision of financial infrastructures - acquired a majority stake in the FinTech startup, which will give Biller a head start in many ways, including a banking license, which is an absolute necessity to realize expansion all over Europe. Currently, Biller is now active in the UK, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark. In the next 1.5 years, Biller has the ambition to expand all over Europe. Also, they want to grow from 50 to more than 150 employees in 2022. Biller will continue to work autonomously for the next couple of years.

Getting things right from the start

It was just days after Biller’s acquisition, that Biller and Salesforce chose Gen25 as the implementation partner. It’s uncommon for startups like Biller to think of their CRM strategy at such an early stage in their company’s lifecycle. However, if you take the extraordinary milestones, the short lifespan, and ambitious goals into consideration, Biller must take uncommon action to achieve what it wants. 

“We’ve all experienced the negative effects of legacy systems and or not well functioning CRM systems, which puts great limitations on a company’s ambition. Therefore, we wanted to have things right from the start at Biller. Also, we want to keep our stakeholders informed with accurate data” says Derek Vreeburg, Co-founder and Managing Director.

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud & Marketing Cloud Account Engagement 

Biller’s short-term focus is to raise awareness in the markets they want to penetrate and to generate warm leads for its sales departments. Therefore, the implementation of Sales Cloud was of utmost importance. All the communication from Sales with accounts and contacts such as telephone and email are stored on one central platform so that all employees can get access to all customer history. Moreover, the Sales team can check the lead status, the number of leads, and the steps in the sales process that still need to be taken.  Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is implemented to connect the company’s website to Sales Cloud so that Biller’s marketing team could start their digital marketing campaigns to get B2B sellers into their marketing funnel. Service Cloud will make sure that Biller will enable its service and delivery with case management systems and other support functionalities.

Fast scaling required

Biller communicated that they wanted to go live with their Sales Clouds within 3 months because a new website and new campaigns would go live by then. It was very important to have the marketing automation up and running, and that Biller’s Sales team had the tools to work effectively and efficiently.  

“We’re very happy Gen25 went beyond what they promised”.

Extend our innovation partnership

After the successful collaboration so far, We’re thrilled to announce that Biller and Gen25 will continue to work together on exciting innovation projects. In the upcoming period, we will focus on new optimizations for the Sales - and Service Cloud. Thereafter, we will develop a connection between Biller’s Datalake and Salesforce. As AWS partners, we’re qualified to lay this connection. It’s very exciting to see another local startup reach for the stars and we’re happy to support them as one of their innovation partners.

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