Salesforce Einstein elevates de Bijenkorf’s customer service

AI-powered Next-Best-Actions and Case classification increase quality and efficiency

de Bijenkorf is a leading high-end department store, focussed on bringing luxury and quality goods to their customers with class-leading service. Bringing the best customer experience, including customer service, is crucial for de Bijenkorf. The company focussed on using AI with Salesforce Einstein to improve response rates together with a better quality response at the same time.

Push customer service to the next level

How can de Bijenkorf improve service quality and customer response at the same time? Competition in retail is tough and customers have an abundance of choice online. Bijenkorf wanted to push customer service to the next level in the highly competitive retail industry.

Einstein recommendations

Gen25 combined Service Cloud with Salesforce Einstein to work on Next Best Actions for recommendations on case classification, knowledgebase and replies in customer contact. Salesforce Einstein was positioned as the personal- very smart, assistant for the Customers service department which helps them make interaction more special and personal.

Exciting results

The implementation of Einstein had a very positive impact on the already excellent customer service of de Bijenkorf. In 2023 alone 18.600 actions were taken based on the next best action recommendations. The average handling time on the chat reduced with 70 seconds due to better case classification and chat reply-recommendation. Also, as a consequence 75% of all questions were resolved in the first contact, reducing the amount of e-commerce resends. Finally the NPS score on returns of damaged articles increased from 25 to 55 after launching Einstein NBA.

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Get inspired with a selection of customer cases and see how we transform a challenge into a solution.

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