Salesforce Einstein elevates de Bijenkorf’s customer service

AI-powered Next-Best-Actions and Case classification increase quality and efficiency

Today, in 2021, Bijenkorf is the oldest and most luxurious chain of department stores in the Netherlands, with seven stores spread throughout the country and online stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Austria. The online stores are playing an increasingly important role in the company's successful omnichannel strategy, hence why Bijenkorf continues to improve its online customer service to match the service of Bijenkorf staff in-store visits. In a previous implementation project, we've helped Bijenkorf agents with a 360-degree customer view with Service cloud and Social studio. And integrations with, i.a., the order management system, website, and its data warehouse. It’s now time to help push Bijenkorf’s customer service to the next level

Salesforce Einstein's NBA's & Case-classification

Currently, Gen25 is helping Bijenkorf elevate customer service to new heights with Salesforce's Einstein Next Best Action and Case-classification. The Einstein Next-Best-Action tool is a form of AI within the Salesforce interface that uses recommendations, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence to synthesize tactics, strategies, and business insights at lightning speed. In practice, this means, e.g., that Bijenkorf's service agents are being 'suggested by the system' if they want to 'cancel or return an order, 'offer a gift card' or to ‘return an order’. Next-Best-Actions helps the agents to take the right action at the right moment. This optimizes the customer experience of Bijenkorf shoppers. Another AI-powered tool that we implemented is Salesforce Case classification, a powerful function that helps classify cases in a simple and effective way. Einstein predicts field values so that agents can resolve cases quickly and accurately.

Einstein recommendations

Bijenkorf agents can use these recommendations to select the best value or automatically save the best recommendation for future reverence. These recommendations result in a significant efficiency improvement so that agents can resolve a higher average number of cases, freeing up time that they can use to make their customers ‘feel special’.

Exciting first results

We've successfully configured Einstein Service Agent at de Bijenkorf’s Salesforce Service Cloud. And, it shows! We’ve noted an increased quality response to our customers, reducing handling time and improving helpful conversations for the customer. The chat handling time dropped by 70 seconds, additionally, 60% of the suggested next-best-actions (NBA’s) were accepted directly. Moreover, the treatment time of NBA's decreased by 25 seconds. And to conclude, the average handling time for second-line support decreased by at least 2 minutes. To summarize, Bijenkorf agents work smarter, more efficiently and the results will only get better, as the system is fed with more data and Einstein automatically retrains its case classification model.

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