From order-driven to customer-driven CRM strategy with Salesforce Service Cloud

Beter Bed have been experts in sleeping for over 35 years. The specialist beds retailer was established in the '80s and is characterised by a comprehensive range of quality products for every budget, along with excellent service.

“We want to give our customers a better and healthier night's sleep – that was the founding vision of Beter Bed 35 years ago” explains Perijn Hoefsloot, Director E-commerce at Beter Bed. “We do that by delivering the best quality at affordable prices, providing the best sleep advice and offering our customers a good omnichannel experience.”In this way, Beter Bed sets itself apart from its competitors. “We know that modern consumers are increasingly more demanding: good and affordable products which are delivered fast and hassle free. The latest technologies help us to fulfil those needs.”

From classic retailer to future-proof E-commerce organisation

With 832 employees, more than 120 stores and 3 distribution centres in the Benelux, Beter Bed has built up an excellent reputation over the past few decades. Beter Bed Holding is active in six European countries under the brands Beter Bed, Beddenreus, Matratzen Concord, and Sängjätten.

“In order to continue giving our customers the best sleeping advice over the next 35 years and offering high-quality service in an ever-changing environment, it is very important that we continue to develop”, says Hoefsloot. “In 2018 we started working with Salesforce for a number of different solutions, including Salesforce Service Cloud. In doing so, we took the step from classic retailer to a future-proof e-commerce organisation.”

From vision to reality

“In order to realise this Salesforce implementation, we overhauled a number of processes”, says Luuk Stoop, Product Owner E-commerce & Omnichannel. “Where our processes were order-driven, we now put the customer centre stage. This allows us to really get to know our customers, while at the same time configuring our service process much more effectively. We have partnered up with Gen25 to help us with the implementation”.

“The communication between internal departments, including our branches and customer service, has improved because everyone is using the same system and has all the customer data quickly available at all times. That, in turn, improves external communication: questions can be answered more quickly and tailored to the customer, enabling us to inform customers more quickly about the status of their order.” Salesforce Service Cloud gives us the opportunity to improve our customer journey and efficiency while also generating valuable customer insights.

Thanks to integration with SAP, all the orders are sent to the Service Cloud where they are grouped by customer account by combining customer-specific information. In this way, all the information about the customer is visible in one place.

Only the first step

“With the implementation of Service Cloud, we have taken a big step towards transforming Beter Bed into a customer-driven organisation”, says Perijn Hoefsloot. “We are beginning to understand better and better who our customers are and what their requirements are. We need that information in order to expand our position as market leader. The strength of Salesforce is that we can act quickly, and with the help of Gen25 we have taken real strides in a short space of time.”

“In the future, we will start using this data for more extensive marketing activities in order to build more engagement with our brand through campaigns in Marketing Cloud. In addition, we are looking at solutions to focus more on the employee experience alongside the customer experience.”

Beter Bed & Gen25

“We chose Gen25 as our implementation partner for Service Cloud not only because of their extensive knowledge and experience but also because our companies are a good cultural fit for one another. Thanks to the commitment of Gen25's team and our own, we have been able to achieve a lot in the last months”, concludes Luuk Stoop.

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