Using digital technology to grow is at the core of Aurea Imaging, now also in their sales platform.

Aurea Imaging is a leading crop intelligence provider for fruit growers and breeders with activities in the EU, North America, New Zealand and South Africa. With their ambition for further global expansion, Gen25 implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud to match their needs on market expansion, lead flow management and the creation of a customer 360 view.

About Aurea Imaging 

Since 2016, Aurea Imaging has been working on tangible improvements and solutions for actual problems in agriculture together with partners across the globe. Combining innovative deep learning, sensor technology and agronomy, Aurea enables variable rate applications in the orchard, unlocking the potential of each and every tree.The company is on a mission to “Empower growers of today with the sustainable orchard of the future”.

Salesforce for start-ups and scale-ups

Aurea Imaging came to Gen25 because of the track record in helping companies scale using Salesforce Cloud technology. While Salesforce is sophisticated enterprise software it can also be a good match for smaller companies and startups. The cost can be kept relatively low by starting out with a small group of users and a limited implementation scope. For Aurea Imaging there are immediate benefits in the centralization of customer related data and communication. 

Requirements for scaling Aurea Imaging 

Gen25 en Aurea Imaging defined a clear business challenge with requirements and matched this with technological possibilities during a Discovery session. The main topics of interest in the discovery were: 

  • Create a customer 360 view, centralize incoming communications and create an overview of all customer related information;
  • Deliver a clear lead flow process with full lead management of interested parties in in one system to also benefit project- and expansion management;
  • Implement a central place to manage market expansion initiatives, such as defining target groups, managing events and activities, budgeting and reporting.

Scale with the expected growth

The focus on getting the customer 360 view and centralization of communication for sales & service is a great fit with Salesforce technology. Salesforce can be a catalyst to optimize the core processes surrounding the customers. In this phase the organization wants to make sure that there are processes in place which can scale with the expected growth. The core business execution process is already largely automated and scalable. With the implementation of Salesforce, automation and scalability are delivered to the customer facing processes making the organisation ready for growth. 

Customer related data and communication

With initiatives at Aurea imaging focussed on splitting website/front-end user interface and core functionality and moving the core functionality into reusable web services, Salesforce is a logical necessity in the overall architecture. Salesforce is now the main database for all customer related data and serves as a linking pin to the outside world for all communication channels that Aurea wants to use now and in the future.

Results for the sales and service processes

The result of the implementation are greatly improved sales & service processes, delivered a better overview of the customer and the sales pipeline including follow -up actions and last but not least a solid understanding where budgets are used.

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