'It's not you, it's me' 73% of customers value a personalised experience.

It's not you, it's me' 💔  Maybe your are thinking about a complex lovestory of some sort if you read the first phrase. And if so, you are right. Winning the heart of customers and become a lovable and preferred brand is more and more about personalisation. “Customer service has never been more important than today.” is the opening statement on the Salesforce event page of the Heart of Service Summit. Gen25 is a proud sponsor.

It's also never been more challenging. Inflation, supply chain issues, economic uncertainty, labour shortages - all are impacting service more than any other department. For service leaders, it gets harder to keep up with high demands and do more with less. At the Salesforce service summit, we'll get to the heart of service. Gen25 is not only sponsoring, also contributing with a session together with Beter Bed.

Beter Bed experts in sleeping

Beter Bed have been experts in sleeping for over 35 years. The specialist beds retailer was established in the '80s and is characterised by a comprehensive range of quality products for every budget, along with excellent service.

“We want to give our customers a better and healthier night's sleep – that was the founding vision of Beter Bed 35 years ago” explains Perijn Hoefsloot, Director strategic business development, customer experience and marketing at Beter Bed. “We also know that modern consumers are increasingly more demanding: good and affordable products which are delivered fast and hassle free. The latest technologies help us to fulfill those needs.”

Demanding consumers

Customers' expectations are increasingly higher when it comes to customer service. They demand instant, clear service and follow-up that is tailored to their needs. Based on the State of Service research report, 73% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations. This mass-personalisation requires data, bringing it together and converting it to empower actions. When done right, the potential is enormous, but numerous organizations struggle to use data to improve customer experience. 70% of organizations experience scattered customer data and more than half knows this is negatively impacting customer experience.

Use data to create a personalized experience

Gen25 and ‘Retailer of the year’ category winner Beter Bed will share how to use data to reinforce a strong positioning, grow your business and increase customer satisfaction. Beter Bed has launched the unique ‘Beter Slapen’ ID which enables the organization to create a more positive and profitable customer experience. 

Visit the break-out session ‘Create a better customer experience and grow your business with data, AI and automation’ at 13.30 at the Heart of Service Summit’ on november 29. More information: https://invite.salesforce.com/theheartofservicesummit22

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