Digital power is nothing without control - the value of support when innovating

New customer support executive strengthens client focussed teams of Account Executives and Consultants.

New Support Executive strengthens client-focussed teams of Account Executives and Consultants

When working with innovative clouds like Salesforce and AWS, every company or organization potentially has access to the same advanced digital technology. Jan Dost, COO at Gen25; “To make the use of digital platforms like Salesforce and AWS a success, it’s key to understand which challenge you want to resolve. This is essential when we integrate and implement a specific cloud solution to the requirements and ambition of the requesting company.”

You could say - in short - digital power is nothing without control. Gen25 is a company of challenge-driven technology specialists with a passion for digital interaction. “We help companies achieve better customer relationships and collaborate more efficiently using innovative clouds such as Salesforce and AWS.”

Of course, the usage of customer-focused SaaS systems has increased enormously in the last 15 years. Since March 2020, we saw a further acceleration in digital adoption, from working with colleagues remotely to connecting with customers online. What was advanced two years ago can be the new standard today, and what was acceptable last year can be outdated tomorrow. “It’s important to challenge your solution to current standards and the ambition of your organization.” Getting the proper support at the right time is essential to make your current digital solution perform to your requirements. It’s also the standard you build on when developing new possibilities. “Dealing with the ‘shit of yesterday’ because of lagging support takes away an essential part of the focus on innovations tomorrow. That’s why we work with Services Level Agreements (SLA’s) for 50 organizations.

Gen25 is an independent ‘boutique’ partner with a strong focus on quality and personal contact. In September of 2021, Sandra Kantoor joined Gen25 as a customer support executive. She will play an essential role in helping the increasing number of clients looking for continuous, guaranteed service and support with a Service Level Agreement for their Salesforce org. “We like to emphasize the value of personal contact in a time when communication is primarily digital. This means we have an even stronger focus on proactively engaging with our clients and helping them achieve their goals regarding customer interaction and relations.”

Clients of Gen25 will continue to benefit from one trusted go-to person for their support questions. Reports will be shared on a frequent basis and open cases will be personally monitored by the customer support executive. “We think that valuable interaction is the basis for any successful collaboration or relationship. The addition of Sandra Kantoor as customer support executive fits perfectly in the customer-focused teams of Account Executives and Consultants.”

If Gen25 is your partner for support and digital innovation and you haven’t spoken with Sandra yet? She will be in touch soon!

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