Happy holidays for everyone in our community

2022 was a great year for Gen25, we are very happy with our team and the succes we celebrated at our Christmas party yesterday. We are in a fortunate position, but these times also remind us of the fact that's not the case for everyone and makes us think about those less fortunate. That is why this year we have chosen to donate to Jeugd Fons Sport & Cultuur and BurgerssSport to give something back to the community.

With our offices in Amsterdam and London we look at ways to support our community. There are households in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom that struggle to make ends meet and let their children play sports. Gen25 finds it vital that they can! That is why this year we have chosen to support the Jeugd Fons Sport & Cultuur and Burgess Sport. We hope our donation makes an important contribution to good causes both organisations strive for. When young people have access to the same opportunities and resources regardless of their background or financial situation, this will help to create a more inclusive society which is beneficial for everyone. 

Some more information about the charities: 

Jeugd Fonds Sport & Cultuur (NL) 

Football, hockey, swimming lessons, music and dance lessons. It seems so common for children to participate in these. But not every parent can afford the contribution or tuition fees.The Jeugd Fonds Sport & Cultuur pays the membership fee for the sports club or the tuition fee for music - dance or theatre school, for example, if parents cannot afford it. 

“For the future of the child, the family and ultimately society, it is very important that every child has the opportunity to participate with peers. And above all, get the chance to develop optimally (physically, socially and mentally) and gain skills and experiences that are essential for a good future.”

Burgess Sport(UK)

Burgess Sports works to provide every child a great start in life. Their vision is to create a better everyday life for underprivileged families. Their holistic approach works with children and the support systems around them.

The organisation runs sports camps and after school clubs which develop academic, social and physical skills, as well as providing a space for fun! They are also working with young people to develop them as leaders through an ambassador programme, which provides training as well as employment opportunities. 

“Burgess Sport helps to create a strong community for children to grow up in, through linking families together and through our Clubhouse Café which not only draws the community together but also provides job opportunity.”

Both charities can always use more support, interested in making a contribution? Please visit their websites for more information:

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