Academy25 fuels our mission for growth

In 2021, Gen25 has taken training and development to the next level with the launch of Academy25. In this article, we review the Academy25 program together with Jan Dost, COO of Gen25.

Structured graduate program

“We started the Academy25 because we wanted to attract the best young talent in a highly competitive market and to optimise the onboarding process for the best possible result. In the past, we’ve had many new starters who started at different times under different conditions. Now, we can offer the new consultants a program that is developed especially for them, with extensive Salesforce modules given by senior consultants, training from external teachers, and sessions from other Gen25 teams. Our organization believes offering a structured graduates program with excellent conditions and benefits helps to find talent that will fuel its mission for growth.

Gen25 hires new personnel based on experience, skills, and foremost if they fit within the company’s distinctive culture. “We’ve searched for a homogenous group of people for Academy25, belonging to the same phase of life, that work well together, and would also be capable of giving Gen25 an extra spark.” Gen25 always searches for people that want to challenge themselves every day and are motivated to go the extra mile.

Excellent reviews

‍The realisation of the Academy25 was a long-cherished wish. A successful graduates program could really lay the foundation for its mission for growth. “We developed the program in such a way that it combines theoretical Salesforce modules with practical assignments and trailheads, supported with other training such as project management, scrum training, stakeholder management and case-work. The Academy25 is concluded with a real-life scenario-case where we tested the new consultants to the best of their abilities.”

“I am also thrilled with the many teams such as HR, delivery teams, our senior consultants, and many more have contributed to the development of the program. I have heard nothing but excellent reviews about the program so far.”

Now that the consultants have completed the program, they will start working with the other consultants on various project teams. “ We add the new consultants to the other groups based on their skills, personality, and interest in industry and cloud solutions. In the future, the new consultants can specialise themselves towards their liking, but at first, it’s more important to gain experience under the supervision of their colleagues.

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