Salesforce CRM analytics Quickstart

Company success is directly linked  to Customer Experience (CX). Data can help improve CX, but 70% of organizations experience scattered data. Smaller steps can already show the big impact of data in CX and provide business value. Use our CRM Analytics Quickstart for Salesforce to start working with data and improve CX.

Why an CRM analytics quickstart?

Research shows 2 out 3 customers switch brands because of poor CX. Switching brands has become easier, and consumers do so in a greater number. On the upside, when customer experience is right, 89% of customers are likely to make another purchase after a positive customer experience.If you want to deliver on the high demands and expectations of your customers, your customer experience should be built on 4 criteria for best performance; easy, fast, personalised and connected. Using data is essential to deliver on personalisation and a connected experience. Let us help out to accelerate your company on this topic with the CRM analytics quickstart.

What's included?

We start with a Kick-Off in which we define the business challenge, set success criteria and discuss initial setup.
We create datasets togethers with you and deliver a first proof of concept for review
We are able to work with a high volume aggregation of records and sources. Based on existing data quality this opens new possibilities for efficiency and performance reviews and data-driven recommendations.
We refine the proof of concept with possible enriched datasets based on input from other sources like OMS, ERP, CMS, PIM, Google analytics data, CTI or a data archive.
We deliver a dashboard that answers the initial business question and can be embedded in Salesforce Lightning Pages.
We complete the quickstart with a presentation of the outcome, including additional business and data possibilities.

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