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Gen25 is a challenge-driven company which has been successful for over a decade and has a bright future ahead. We know achieving results comes with dedication, collaboration and also good fortunes. Next to improving collaboration with our digital solutions, we also create an environment in which 'giving back' is part of our culture and values. Being a dedicated member of the Salesforce partnership community, we support its Pledge 1% initiative in having a positive impact on the world and sharing good fortunes in a broader perspective.

Wat is Pledge 1%?

Pledge 1% program encourages and enables businesses of all sizes and stages to donate 1% of their staff time, product, profit, or equity to any charity or community of their choosing. Pledge 1% is a global movement that inspires, educates, and empowers every entrepreneur, company, and employee to be a force for good. Over 10,000 members in 100 countries have used Pledge 1%’s flexible framework to ignite half a billion dollars in new philanthropy.

Laptops 4 Charity

Gen25 supported two initiatives that provide laptops to children of families that cannot afford one. We believe that all children deserve equal opportunities and that they should have access to high-quality hardware, especially in the current situation where children are increasingly spending more time learning from home. Our fortunate position makes us aware of how technology transforms businesses, careers, and lives every day. Therefore, we collected laptops among employees, in our network and donated funds to Project Edu PC and Computers4Schools.

Fire department Amsterdam: Fire Save Living

‘Brandveilig Leven’ (BVL, fire-safe living) is a project within the Netherlands Fire Service aimed at increasing awareness of fire prevention. The organization needed a solution that allows volunteers to register for different activities in an accessible and structured way. When the Fire Department reached out to us with this assignment we designed and build the portal free of charge.

Support for Ukraine

Gen25 supported an NGO that had scheduling challenges when they hired a hotel to accommodate Ukrainian refugees. We’ve provided them with the requested booking solution - GoMeddo - and they’ve received the licenses free of charge.

Discounted pricing for nonprofit organisations

Gen25 offers nonprofit organizations around the globe discounts on our consultancy services and ISV products. Do you need help with your organization, please contact us via

Gijs Martens

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about our social responsibility policy, please let us know.

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