Use case update: Quooker, an example of focusing on efficiency to meet the challenges of business growth

Find out how Quooker's partnership with expert consultants has revolutionised its operations, leveraging Salesforce for rapid expansion, improved customer experiences and streamlined processes.

Quooker's track record of commercial growth is proof of its innovation and efficiency, and its revolutionary boiling water tap has been acclaimed around the world. Over the past two years, our collaboration with Quooker has been key in achieving technological advances and streamlining operations. This update shows Quooker's significant progress in managing the challenges of rapid expansion, underlining our role as a trusted partner in Salesforce implementation and technology consulting. Our current focus is on improving sales processes with Salesforce, bringing together sales, service and marketing on a single platform.

Meeting the challenges of rapid expansion

As Quooker is set to global expansion, the need for a robust digital infrastructure becomes crucial. Our work with Quooker reveals a strategic focus on refining case classification, leveraging customer experience surveys and exploring AI possibilities through Salesforce's Einstein platform.

Our role as consultants goes beyond implementing Salesforce. We've played a key role in developing the roadmap, prioritising high value areas for Quooker's evolving business needs. Together, we are creating a goal-based roadmap, focusing on operational efficiency to keep pace with rapid growth while improving the overall customer experience.

A partnership focused on implementation and advice

Beyond implementation, we focus on providing expert advice and technical support to optimise digital tools to improve the customer experience. Notable improvements include the introduction of email-to-case functionality, the automation of omnichannel routing and the development of a robust internal knowledge base for efficient case resolution by agents.

These enhancements have enabled Quooker's customer service teams to resolve queries faster and more efficiently, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

By automating manual tasks, streamlining workflows and introducing self-service capabilities, Quooker has effectively reallocated resources to value-added activities while reducing operational costs. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud: a growth accelerator

Salesforce Sales Cloud, combined with Service, Experience and Marketing Cloud, will give Quooker a holistic view of customer interactions. This unified platform will foster seamless collaboration between departments, improving understanding and engagement throughout the customer journey.

From a technology perspective, the future implementation of Sales Cloud will aligned with three main objectives:

  • Centralise customer data within Salesforce for better data management.
  • Streamline the software landscape for greater efficiency.
  • Improve data quality to support informed decision-making.

By using Salesforce's advanced analytics, we provide Quooker with a complete view of its customers, markets and products. Using personalised dashboards, predictive analytics models and customer experience surveys, Quooker's management can now quickly make informed decisions, optimise resource allocation and identify areas for growth. This in-depth understanding of its business environment enables Quooker to stay ahead of the competition and accurately anticipate market trends.

Quooker's journey is an example of the challenges faced by all businesses as they grow and develop rapidly, underlined by the transformative power of expertise and technology. Our work with Quooker has not only delivered tangible business results, but has also laid the foundations for sustainable growth and innovation. By focusing on revenue growth, improving operational efficiency, and uncovering actionable insights, Quooker is set to thrive in today's dynamic business environment.

To find out more about Salesforce implementation can read this article. To know more about our expertise or the challenge of business growth, please contact our sales team for personalised advice.

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