Gen25 implements Salesforce Service Cloud at Roompot Vakanties

Beter customer insights with Salesforce Service Cloud

Roompot Vakanties is the biggest provider of holiday parks in the Netherlands and the second biggest in its sector in Europe. Every year, around 11 million overnight stays are booked in the company’s own 40 holiday parks in the Netherlands and Germany. In addition to this, Roompot Vakanties provides more than 160 holiday destinations in Europe, most of which are located in France and Belgium and Roompot offers a wide range of accommodation such as hotels and resorts; from comfortable to extremely luxurious.

Efficiency drive

Gen25 set to work by clarifying the wishes and requirements of the customer service team. An efficiency drive was required, because the team wasn’t able to view the booking information of a customer who made contact by phone, chat, WhatsApp or other social media platforms straight away. Gen25 made this information more accessible by using a Delta API. Booking information is retrieved from the Roompot booking system and made available and updated in Salesforce.

In order to make this information ready for staff to use, Gen25 worked closely with the Roompot team to ensure that the details relating to, for example, the layout are correct.

The initial go-live

At the beginning of June, the webcare staff from the customer service team, acting as a ‘pilot group’, went live with this solution. After having made a number of minor improvements, the other teams (telephone and quality) have made the switch to Salesforce in July. Thanks to the close partnership, the webcare department hasn’t experienced any transition problems at all.

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