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From 200 customers in excel to more than 3000 customers in Salesforce

Credit Linked Beheer, founded in 2014, structures and manages housing funds. They manage three funds: Huurwoning Nederland Fonds (rental properties fund), the Duurzaamwoningen Fonds (Sustainable housing fund) and the Groenwoningen Fonds (green housing fund). The Green Housing Fund has been designated by the government as a fiscal green fund, whereby private participants contribute to a better environment and profit from a tax benefit. This makes Credit Linked Beheer unique in the Netherlands. Since the launch of the Green Housing Fund in 2016, growth has increased exponentially.

Implementation and adoption

To be able to continue this growth, a professionalization step was needed for a number of business processes. The participant-administration consisted of an excel document with 200 participants, now there are more than 3000 participants and Salesforce has been chosen toas their CRM. Now all customer data is easily available in Salesforce and in order to comply with all legislation and regulations, the entire registration process is managed from Salesforce.

Credit Linked Beheer chose Gen25 as their implementation partner for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, the commitment of both parties during the whole process made it possible to take major steps in a short time. As part of the adoption plan, Credit Linked Management organized a day of training and activities to celebrate the go-live with the whole team.

Salesforce Go-Live

"Gen25 is very approachable, and it makes it easy because they work on-site. They can also shift very quickly, if something needs to be changed, they do it seamlessly."

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