Gen25 develops the first Heroku mobile app

With the introduction of the Spaces App, the Spaces community has become more active. Interaction between members has increased and people remain better informed of the developments surrounding Spaces. The App has been developed by Gen25 on Heroku, part of Salesforce.

All necessary members' information that is stored in Salesforce can be found via the App. The members can change their personal details themselves, as a result of which the Salesforce environment of Spaces always contains the most up-to-date data.

The assignment

The app must enable the user to take over certain functionalities that are already present in the Spaces portal. Updating a profile, booking meeting rooms, requesting services and products and sending feedback to Spaces are just a couple of examples. In addition, it was requested to expand the App to include WiFi passwords, to create the option of placing pictures when requesting maintenance or all other types of services and, in particular, to easily find other members and communicate with them. The App must be available for IOS and Android.

The result

The App enables users to communicate with Spaces and the members. The objective of Spaces is to emit as much of a professional and creative atmosphere as possible. The attractive design of Applified certainly contributes to that. Gen25 was responsible for the technical side of things.

The App makes it possible to:

  • Update members' profiles, including LinkedIn, Twitter and personal tags
  • Easily find other members
  • Book meeting rooms, catering and equipment at the various locations of Spaces
  • Show all existing and previous bookings in a simple overview
  • Send feedback, tips and suggestions directly to Spaces
  • Find all locations with addresses, telephone numbers and routes
  • Give members the option to register new, prospective members via Share Spaces
  • Look up the WiFi password in the App
  • Submit service and maintenance requests, including picture

Martijn Roordink - Managing Director

Spaces has been operational ever since our start with Gen25. They have grown with us and built a software package around our unique and mainly changing and growing situation. Gen25 is flexible and they like to think along. Gen25 is a stable company with a low turnover of staff. As a result, they fully understand our situation and that makes working with them a joy. Each and every one of them are pleasant characters who speak more than the IT language alone.