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Salesforce implementation results in 360 customer view

Bugaboo, known for its immensely popular strollers, launched a second product platform in 2016 with its luggage system, a product seemingly completely different for a different target group.

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Yet Bugaboo is actually continuing to build on its fascination for wheels and its ambition to make life on the move as comfortable as possible for its clients.

In order to support the growth it is currently enjoying and to maintain its leading position, the company realized its ambition to modernize its complete IT platform in all its markets in EMEA, the United States, Asia and Australia. For marketing, sales and service, Bugaboo opted for the Salesforce Cloud solution. It partnered with Gen25 for the implementation of both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

Guided implementation of new IT architecture

Bugaboo seeks to add value for itself and its customers. To this end, the company wants a 360 customer view, supported by systems that function and communicate in a streamlined way.

“Salesforce enables us to work more efficiently, expand our service proposition and be a reliable partner at all times.”, says Mieke Veldhuis, Bugaboo’s CCO. “And of course, we want to service the omni-channel consumer anywhere and anytime, not just in The Netherlands but also in China or Timbuktu. But above all, we want to maintain our leading position and be able to sense our market’s latent needs. We want to lead not only in terms of products and communication, but with our entire proposition. This is why choosing Salesforce was essential. Our sales teams, totalling over 200 employees, will soon have 24/7 access to their 360 degrees customer view wherever they are. And our office staff, dedicated to achieving customer excellence, will soon have an integrated solution.”

Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

Using Sales Cloud, Bugaboo wants to manage accounts receivable and orders especially. Service Cloud supports the company’s customer service, in which email, webforms, call logs, case management and a feedback loop are integrated.

“The real challenge is the integration with our other IT systems, from ERP to HRM systems, and all their interdependent connections”, according to Veldhuis. “Those systems affect our Amsterdam head office as well as our other 14 offices worldwide, our factory in China, our brand stores, our B2C website and our B2B portal too. They impact everything and everyone at Bugaboo.”

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The collaboration with implementation partner Gen25

Bugaboo chose Salesforce first and then looked for the right partner. Gen25 was most suited to Bugaboo’s internal culture.

“We didn’t just want the best partner in terms of technical background and experience”, Veldhuis explains. “We are an informal company and we like to do things our way.” A large corporate party would be on a different wavelength. Gen25 gets our culture and our idiosyncrasies. They know how to deal with those effectively and adequately.”

Because of the high degree of complexity, it was foreseen that the implementation at Bugaboo would take a long time. The ambition was to work fully within the Scrum framework, but both Bugaboo and Gen25 soon discovered that this is not the best method for them. Instead, the approach is now ‘Scrummish’, meaning both parties know up front what to focus on in upcoming sprints.

“This approach worked well for both parties” says Veldhuis. “The duration of the project could have possibly lead to frustrations, but we didn’t experience any. To the contrary, teams on both sides were highly motivated to get optimal results. That’s quite extraordinary given how complex the process and technical aspects are in this case. Ultimately, it’s about people who will be able to do a better job with those results.”

“The great thing about Gen25 is that they are fully committed to finding a way of working that suits us. We are very pleased with our experiences with the Gen25 consultants. We like working with them because they are passionate about developing worldwide, future-oriented solutions for Bugaboo.”