Proud! Subscription25 is available on the Salesforce AppExchange

Tim Schuitemaker

Tim Schuitemaker


10/20/2020 - 3 min read

At Gen25 we have developed a great new product for companies who work with subscriptions, rentals and other recurring income. From today the app is available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Subscription25 is software that extends Salesforce with contract management and recurring billing functionality and offers a great deal of flexibility in rates, discounts and installments. Subscription25 makes managing contracts and invoicing from Salesforce a lot easier.

Companies in sectors such as real estate, business services and SAAS suppliers are already successfully using Subscription25. Connecterra (agritech), Edge Technologies and Ad Hoc (real estate management), the Vrije Academie (arts education), and dozens of other companies are managing their subscriptions and recurring invoicing with Subscription25.

Increasing demand

We realized that there is a market for this functionality about five years ago. In a short period of time several customers asked us to create custom contracting and invoicing solutions on Salesforce, and of course we built it for them. Our experience has taught us that if several customers ask us for a similar solution, then many more businesses face the same challenge.

Over the past five years we have worked ion developing Subscription25 with a dedicated team. Not only do we now serve an increasingly large group of customers, we have also steadily expanded the the features and functionalities. Subscription25 has become a mature and versatile product for contract management, simple CPQ and invoicing on Salesforce. We are very pleased that our product is now available on the AppExchange and accessible to everyone there.

Work more effectively and efficiently

While creating and sending invoices used to be a hands-on process for financial departments, this is now all done automatically. This gives the financial department a controlling task instead of an operational task, saving a lot of time. For a number of customers, fewer FTEs are required in the financial department since the introduction of Subscription25, this frees these people up to do other things. For sales and service teams, working with Subscription25 means that they have a clearer picture of all customer contracts. This helps to provide the best possible service and to easily identify cross- and up-sell opportunities.

Installing Subscription25 is easy and does not require complicated configuration and integrations for most customers. Most companies will want their own layout for the invoices; with Subscription25 you can simply use any layout you choose.

Save time and headaches

Some of the functionality Subscription25 offers, such as advanced discounts and growth models, is consistent with Salesforce' own CPQ solution. The big differences are in the automations Subscription25 offers. For example, contracts are automatically renewed and adjusted if necessary, sending invoices is a default feature and contracts, sales orders and invoices are always related to companies and persons in Salesforce. CPQ, on the other hand, has been developed to support a sales organization where it is made easier to sell complex products (with many different parts, for example). While Subscription25 mainly focuses on contract management and therefore finance, CPQ mainly focuses on sales.

We are very proud of Subscription25; It works really well, we added many useful features and it is technically advanced. Issues such as: how do you deal with the billing of a broken month at the beginning? Or: how do you allow a departing customer to purchase an extra month at their request? How do you support multiple companies and bank accounts within one Salesforce environment? How do you calculate VAT on the same products in different countries? All of this is supported in Subscription25 and that saves our users time and headaches. Another timesaver is the supported integrations with the accounting packages Exact Online and Twinfield.

Subscription25 is an application that makes work easier in many areas and therefore saves your company a lot of time. If you have a business model of recurring revenues, you want invoices to reach your customers on time and correctly, without having to worry about it. Subscription25 relieves you of that.

Getting started with Subscription25

Visit the Salesforce AppExchange to easily install Subscription25. For more information or to get started with a 30 day free trial get in touch with us via email or call us on +31 20 750 8350. We look forward to getting you set up with Subscription25.

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