Gen25 wins second FD Gazellen Award

Melle de Ronde

Melle de Ronde

Marketing Manager

11/7/2018 - 1 min read

The prize, which is awarded by Dutch financial newspaper Financieel Dagblad, goes to companies that meet a set of criteria. Gen25 met the criteria, among which to show a 20% revenue growth over the past 3 years, for the second consecutive year.

Proud of our team

Our team has expanded to over 50 emplyees since last years FD Gazellen Awards and they are the key to our succes.

"Naturally we’re very proud that we are among the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. But we are even more proud of our dedicated team members who deliver innovative solutions for our customers every day." **Gijs Martens, founder & CEO Gen25 **

Our customers

We have come a long way since the launch of Gen25 in 2006. The slogan at the time was: 'We Build the Web' and the projects varied from web development to CRM implementations. Our passion for a true 360-degree customer view led us to working exclusively on the Salesforce platform since 2012. We combine this with Heroku and our own B2B applications, in order for us to offer our customers a complete end-to-end solution.

"Ultimately it is all about the right solutions for our customers. Solutions that will not only support the current business, but are future-proof and add value to their customers and staff. If we continue to implement high quality projects with the specialized and dedicated team we have now, the rest will follow." **Gijs Martens, founder & CEO Gen25 **

We look forward to the 2019 FD Gazellen Awards!

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