Who we are

We are Gen25, a team of talented and driven programmers and consultants, headquartered in the Amsterdam-Zuidas business district. Gen25 is managed by Gijs Martens (36), an experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record.

Gen25 has been a partner of Salesforce for some time. Gen25 implements Salesforce Service Cloud, Sales Cloud and App Cloud (Platinum Consulting Partner). It also develops applications on the Salesforce platform (Gold ISV Partner). Gen25 consults and develops on the Heroku Entereprise Platform (Platinum Heroku Enterprise Partner).

Being one of just a few European companies to combine these three Salesforce Partnerships puts Gen25 in an extraordinary position.

Gen25 delivers consultancy services to many companies from all market segments in which an advanced IT environment is crucial going forward.

How we work

With experience

Gen25 has evolved and specialised from web development in combination with Microsoft Dynamics CRM into an exclusive Salesforce Implementation Partner.

With promising, strategic partners

For several years already, Gen25 has been partnered with Salesforce, the most important CRM player and a listed company. The relationship with Salesforce has been an important step in the continued growth of Gen25. It has given us the opportunity to fully utilise the power of the Salesforce platform and has allowed our clients to innovative further.

With satisfied clients

The diverse client list of Gen25 includes listed companies as well as small and medium-sized ones.

Optimal collaboration on a project begins with a strong plan of action

Together with the client, Gen25 lays down clear strategic goals for each project. We bring technical implementation and client needs together using Scrum.


Scrum is a framework for agile management of software development. Multidisciplinary teams deliver working software in short sprints (iterations of a fixed two week period), based on the key concepts of collaboration, communication and team spirit.

Scrum contains sets of methods and predefined roles. The main roles are:

  • The Product Owner, representing stakeholders and business interests. One person is designated by the client for this role.

  • The Development Team, a cross-functional, self-organising team that carries out the actual work. This role is carried out by Gen25.

  • The Scrum Master, who guards the agreed upon process, clears any obstacles and assures that the Development Team can work efficiently. This role is taken on by Gen25.


Scrum is an iterative method. Each iteration is called a ‘Sprint’ and usually takes two weeks, resulting in a working part of the functional objective. This method enables both the client and the team to get fast feedback on the product and the process.

With verticals

Long term relationships with existing clients and implementations of Salesforce with new large ones have prompted Gen25 to develop its own apps focused on answering recurring questions. In addition, Gen25 has developed five industry-specific verticals that will be expanded: in real estate, retail, the airline industry, telecom (in combination with Vlocity) and in the financial sector (in combination with Cloud Landing).

Gen25 creates new expansion potential

As of September 4th 2015, Gen25 has obtained a significant injection of capital by entering into a collaborative agreement with MBO & Groei Fonds (MGF), enabling Gen25 to meet growing market demand. MGF has acquired a minority interest in the organisation.

Gijs Martens, CEO of Gen25 Group: “In the past three years, we have seen an average annual growth of 48%. This new investment allows us to expand so our future plans can be realised more quickly and in a financial stable way.“

Our developed apps

  • Schedule and manage resources in seconds

    Retain ownership of your data and monitor occupancy real time in the available resources.

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  • Easy-to-use self check-in with ease and automate appointment management.

    Let your visitors check-in with ease and automate appointment management

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  • Build customer loyalty to increase customer satisfaction

    A service desk solution that allows you to provide servicing on various live chat messaging channels.

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  • Subscription & recurring invoice management

    Manage your customers' subscriptions and keep track of all invoices.

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  • Revolutionary ticketing solution for a permanent setup

    Ensure convenient purchasing of tickets for all kinds of events through a cloud application on Heroku.

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