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A revolutionary ticketing solution to sell any kind of ticket, directly connected to Booker25.

What is Tickets25?

Tickets25 is a ticketing solution designed to make ticket sales easier and better. The flexibility of Tickets25 allows you to sell tickets for a one-time event or for a more permanent ticketing setup. It can help you manage visitor flows on location and the platform is built on Heroku ensuring it can always handle large volumes of online visitors. Tickets25 is used in the event industry and to sell museum tickets. Originally Tickets25 was available as a stand-alone solution, now we offer it as an extension package of Booker25.

A flexible ticketing solution
Create your own design
Manage your events
Pay per ticket
Manage visitor volumes

A flexible ticketing solution

Whether it’s for a one-time event, like a concert or sporting match, or for a recurring event like an exhibition or entrance to a theme park, Tickets25 enables you to sell tickets of any kind, on- and offline.

Tickets25 can be used to sell tickets through your own website and allows many different types of discounts for holders of the Dutch Museumkaart, the Dutch CJP Pass, a student card and/or a gift card. You can also integrate our system with onsite access control points from different hardware providers, making it suitable for unmanned sales and providing you with real-time reports. You can always connect to any ticketing column.

Manage your event

Tickets25 keeps you in control of any event. Whether you're organising a single event, multiple events or need different kinds of entrance tickets, anything is possible.

Define the number of available early bird tickets, and Tickets25 automatically switches to a new price category when they are sold out. You can set up as many different dashboards as you like, to monitor ticket sales. Tickets25 provides a real-time view into ticket sales, so you are and stay the owner of all data and transactions.

Create your own design

Using your own logos, images, text and fonts, you can create your own specific design to perfectly fit your brand. Tickets25 lets you create different designs for different tickets, and even makes it possible to add affiliate marketing and logos provided by event sponsors.

The system also offers a wealth of templates and different layouts, which means you don’t necessarily have to create your own.

Manage visitor volumes

Some events attract a lot of visitors. With Tickets25 you can set automatic time slots to manage large volumes of people, and prevent them from all arriving at the same time.

Tickets25 can also be connected to a fast track unmanned entrance to avoid long queues. And should you need more capacity on special occasions, Tickets25 allows you to easily scale up and back down again.

Pay per ticket (no service charges)

Tickets25 only charges a small percentage per ticket. No other ticketing tool charges less per ticket than Tickets25. Even better: there are no administration costs, service fees or start-up costs. This makes it the cheapest ticketing tool available.


€ 0,27
per ticket
  • A cloud solution with easy expandable possibilities on the Heroku platform
  • Your own ticket design
  • Ownership of your own data
  • Easily connectable with Salesforce
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Possibility to link with our other apps build on the Salesforce platform
  • Standard integration with Intersolve for the "Museumkaart"
Rico Ramars
Account executive

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