Connecting social direct messaging with Salesforce

Chat with your customers on their preferred social channel

What is Social25

Social25 is a social direct messaging solution for your service and marketing needs. We support a wide variety of social channels such as Instagram Direct Messenger, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, and more. Using Social25 your service agents can chat with your customers from within the Salesforce Service Console, having all the information relating to that customer in one screen. This enables your team to deliver better customer experiences, lower average handling time and build strong customer relationships.

Deliver better customer experience
Increase efficiency
Combine direct messaging with your marketing journey
Add Automations or AI
GDPR compliancy
Salesforce & Social25

Deliver better customer experience

The times of “there are three people waiting before you’ are long over. Your customers expect quick and immediate service. Social channels in increasingly used by consumers to interact with their favourite brands. Using Social25 your service team can chat with customers from the Salesforce Service Cloud console, this means all customer data, including chat history, are in one place. With this information your customer service agents are able to deliver outstanding service.

Increase efficiency

Managing customer conversations on multiple channels can get very complicated when working in different windows and chat screens. That is why Social25 unites multiple chats on multiple social channels in the Salesforce Service Console ensuring your agents only need one screen. Using case routing can route any incoming message to the right service agent and because chat history is available in Social25, multiple agents can talk to the same customer without interrupting the high standards of service.

Integrate social direct messaging in customer journeys

Social25 is more than a service solution, by integrating social direct messaging (WhatsApp, Instagram Direct Messenger or Facebook Messaging) in your marketing journeys you can create consistency in your communication across all channels. Email is increasingly becoming an unattractive solution for order confirmations or short marketing messages for both customers and companies. And on social media we can’t exactly speak of a meaningful relationship with customers anymore. Branded apps are tools to build effective customer relationship, but often lack longevity. WhatsApp, always available on most devices, is the perfect channels to engage your customers once they have given consent.

Add Automations or AI powered chatbots

Give your service team a boost with chatbots or automated messages to help with routine customer questions and requests. We believe that the right combination between chatbot and service agent is crucial. Where chatbots can answer the FAQ’s, your service agents can focus their attention on problems or questions that are less straightforward. This is where chatbots can become a real asset to your organization. However, when the simple questions evolve into a more difficult matter. Your service agents need to be able to jump in at the exact moment, and take over the conversation to ensure a seamless experience for your customers. Thanks to integration with Salesforce, Social25 enables them to do so. Our Social25 team can integrate a bot or automation flow, ensuring the best possible service to clients.

GDPR compliant

Securely handling customer data is important to you and using Social25 you are in control of all the data. You can easily delete personal data and conversations. For example, a customer might share important personal data via WhatsApp, a service agent can delete any sensitive information as soon as the conversation is over.You can even choose to automatically delete conversations and personal data using an API. Finally, Social25 does not access, monitor or analyse conversations without your explicit permission and data centres are located in the EU.

Social25 & Salesforce

Social25 is available on the Salesforce AppExchange allowing your organization to fully leverage the power of the Salesforce platform. Case routing, language detection and sentiment/intent analysis are available right away with any channel you enable via Social25.


(Minimum of 50 Social25 users is required)
€ 1.500 per month
Real time conversation on
WhatsApp, SMS, Instagram Direct Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Kik, WeChat, Twitter, Telegram, Line, Intercom, Google Business Messages
Includes all channels*
Send, receive and store: text messages, images, documents, audio, stickers and video
Up to 50.000 a month
Data storage
€ 1.500 per month
Conversation history saved in your Salesforce environment (text messages only)
2GB storage for images 1GB data storage
Secure access to chat window via Salesforce Canvas

API Access

Sentiment & intent analysis

Language recognition

Connect Social25 to your own AWS instance

Standard connection options with chatbots (proven success with chatbots from CX company & Salesforce)

* extra charges apply for WhatsApp, Intercom, SMS and Twitter


Social25 user
per month
  • This fee applies for every Social25 user
  • Includes 2000 extra messages per user per month
  • Mimimum of 50 Social25 users is required
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