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A native Salesforce application to manage all types of reservations

Reservations, bookings, appointments and scheduling

Booker25 is a limitless booking system for all industries and businesses of any size. From managing educational courses to gym classes, vehicle bookings to salon appointments, Booker25 developers leverage the power of Salesforce to make any booking requirement a possibility.

Create your own calendar
Multi & single calendar view
Intelligent availability lookup & conflict detection
Unlimited reservations!
Unlimited bookings
Custom add-ons

Create your own calendar

Booker25 lets you manage all your reservations in one easy to use calendar that can be adapted to your needs. Your employees and customers can make reservations in seconds. You can completely customize your own calendar depending on the structure of your ‘bookable items’. Set up a daily, weekly or monthly view and, just like your Google calendar, a user can easily switch between the three. Filters can be applied for convenience, this way your staff can quickly find availability. The statistics page will keep a clear overview of all the bookable items, showing you occupancy rates, peak usage times and more.

Multi & single calendar view

Teachers and classrooms, drivers and vehicles or beauticians and salon rooms, there are many situations in which two components are needed at the same time in order to deliver your service. In this scenario Booker25 can link more than one ’bookable item’ to a single reservation. Example: Ten teachers who work different schedules and eight classrooms. To schedule a class you need two variables to be available at the same time: one teacher and one classroom. The multiple calendar view helps you create a planning including all the variables.

Intelligent availability lookup & conflict detection

Prevents disappointment by only allowing one reservation for each timeslot

Native Salesforce application

We build Booker25 on Salesforce, which means all your reservation data is directly available in your CRM. A reservation can be the starting point of your marketing journey, new customers can be created as leads or contacts in Salesforce depending on your needs. With Booker25, you can easily create a calendar to create Reservations related to any of your existing Standard and Custom objects. Booker25 is Salesforce1 and Lightning ready. Visit the AppExchange to install a free trial. Not using Salesforce? Not a problem, you can still use Booker25 and all its features. Contact us for more information.


Premium licence
incl. service plan
$35,- Per user per month

Build a path to success with expert guidance tailored to your business outcomes with our service plan. Available for Booker25 customers with 25+ licenses. All standard licence features are included with addition of:

  • Kick-off guidance
    Adopt best practices and learn how-to use Booker25
  • Easy access to support
    Get connected to Booker25 experts via e-mail, phone or video.
  • Customer success
    Innovate faster with targeted insights from on-demand checks
Standard licence
$31,- Per user per month
  • Unlimited resources
  • Make reservations for yourself and others
  • Unlimited reservations
  • Up to 1.000 API calls per day per user
  • Set-up Booker25 customer booking page
  • Standard e-mail support in English, French and Dutch
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Account executive

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