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360-degree view facilitating optimal customer service

Rituals is an organisation that distinguishes itself from other companies through its philosophy: “We believe happiness can be found in the smallest of things. It is our passion to transform your everyday routines into more meaningful rituals.”

Rituals started in 2000 and was the first brand in the world to combine Home & Body Cosmetics. Its philosophy was to transform daily routines into special moments of enjoyment through beautiful luxury products.

After the very first Rituals store opened in Amsterdam’s Kalverstraat in 2000, cities like London, Madrid, Antwerp, Lisbon, Berlin, Stockholm, Dubai, Paris and New York followed with stores of their own. Currently, the luxury brand has over 500 stores, over 1,500 shop-in-shops and 4 Urban Spas in 26 countries worldwide. Rituals Cosmetics is growing fast in today’s travel world, being sold on 120 luxury cruise ships, a large number of airports, at several airlines and in hotels.

Rituals chose Gen25 as their Salesforce implementation partner to ensure that the various external systems used by Rituals are linked and subsequently integrated in Salesforce Service Cloud and App Cloud.

360-degree customer view

Rituals’ customer support uses various channels, such as email, telephone and web forms. As a first priority, Gen25 was tasked with integrating Rituals’ multiple databases, stored in various external applications, into one manageable and complete customer and knowledge database. Aside from containing customer data, it should also enable Rituals staff to communicate with customers more effectively and efficiently.

These external support channels have been integrated by Gen25 with Salesforce Service Cloud, crucially linking with Google Cloud, Rituals’ data lake. This kind of integration enables customer information to be complemented with the information in the cash register or mail marketing applications. In this way, a 360-degree customer view can be created within Salesforce, facilitating optimal customer service.

Implementation, reporting and dashboards

In the case of Rituals, Gen25 started with the external integrations, the main one being the link with Google Cloud, enabling the service desk to provide instant information to the stores. Customers can also be updated by the system about their purchases or in case they have queries or service requests.

Depending on the support channel and the origin of the query, cases are assigned to certain groups of users. Service Cloud is implemented in multiple languages. The system shows who is responsible for which query. The assigned users are supported by someone who ‘forwards’ the questions to the person with the relevant knowledge. Case updates are immediately sent to the customer to ensure they are always fully updated on its progress. The service desk staff are supported by a knowledge base containing standard articles relevant to the fast and satisfactory handling of customers’ queries.

Additional information on the query (case) is also measured. Rituals has reports that show how fast a case is solved. A milestone indicates how many cases have been handled in a given day. This can be an indicator for a well-functioning team. Gen25 provides reports and dashboards to this end.

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