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Intake and training management in Heroku & Salesforce

Elycio Talen offers language training throughout The Netherlands. The company has seven locations and 35 employees. It works with 250 expert language trainers. Our client list features a large international airline, government ministries, DSM, ProRail and Jacobs. Annually, some 3,000 people take our courses.

Gen25 has taken on the design, realisation, management and optimisation of the Salesforce environment. Heroku was used for the intake registration and courses.

The assignment

Elycio Talen needs one single system facilitating all relevant information on courses, intakes, participants and trainers. In addition, the system should be manageable by staff while participants should be able to add missing information through integration. The CRM system is aimed at providing staff with overviews of participants and trainers as well as the relevant courses and intakes.

The result

Gen25 was actively involved in realising the ambitions of Elycio Talen. The assignment was divided into different phases of partial deliveries. Salesforce is the system’s backbone, linked via Heroku Connect to the customised Heroku-based solution provided by Gen25 for the intake module and the course book.

Intake module

Staff can complete intake forms within the Salesforce environment. It contains questions about qualifications, experiences and (multiple choice) language tests. All questions and answers are managed in one intake form within Salesforce. Through a public link, staff can admit individuals or groups to the form with the results being stored in Salesforce. Elycio Talen staff can then plan and set up appropriate courses.

Course book

Course participants can log on to the course book via Heroku. This application contains information about the training sessions and the corresponding homework. Trainers can also monitor participant attendance. This information is subsequently synchronized with Salesforce, affording Elycio Talen staff direct insight into the progress of courses

Gen 25 is a reliable and resourceful partner who has helped us to streamline the interaction with our clients and increase our efficiency.

Ron Amsterdam, Director Elycio Talen

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