GGN was founded in 2019 out of a merger of six different debt collecting companies. They are the current market leader in the Industry of debt collecting and bailiff services in the Netherlands. It’s GGN’s strategy to digitize and automate all its processes, to have a customer-oriented approach, and prevent problematic debts. The Nexus project

How did the collaboration go?

The Nexus-project

Via the Nexus project, GGN aims to operationalize their strategy so that it can set a higher standard in the market. They want to offer a higher level of service and also create higher predictability of that service. Via the power of data, they can predict what service and treatment should be given to any of the 3.6 million debtors in their system. Using salesforce, they approach this process from two sides: facilitating their colleagues to help their customers as best as possible and help them before debts become problematic. On the other hand, GGN tries to deploy their colleagues where they can make a difference. Or the system will do the work.

Ambitious Implementation

Gen25 initiated the salesforce implementation via 7-plateau planning so that GGN employees can work in both systems and it will stay manageable for the organization. Over a longer period of time, more of all functionalities will be transferred to the new system. It is one of our most ambitious implementations in recent years. Already, it has been proven that the specialists of GGN and Gen25 are a great match, and will continue to challenge each other for future projects. Due to the Nexus project, GGN will keep their position as a frontrunner in its Industry.