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ABN AMRO Webcare team works to strengthen customer relations

Each ABN AMRO customer has dreams; it might be big, it might be small, and it might change throughout the course of their lives. ABN AMRO uses her financial knowledge to help customers in turning these dreams into a reality. This vision requires a customer-driven strategy, focusing on a long-term and sustainable customer relationship.

This relationship with the customer is particularly important to the Webcare team, whose key focus is enhancing the customer experience, lowering the communication threshold and strengthening customer relations. In order to achieve all this, the bank uses a variety of technologies in which the Webcare team plays an important role.

Direct Messaging for convenience

One vital tool for the team is Direct Messaging via the popular social networks. ‘Customers want to ask their questions via a Direct Messaging channel’ says Kathelijne Swaak, Product Owner Social Technology at ABN AMRO. ‘You ask the question and there’s no need to give it a second thought until you receive a notification that the answer has arrived. The answer won’t simply get lost among dozens of e-mails and there’s no need to be put on hold.’

With the help of Social25, Salesforce is linked to a social Direct Messaging channels such as Twitter or Facebook Messenger, enabling customers to make real-time contact with ABN AMRO’s Webcare team. Staff are able to conduct the conversation from a service console, where they have all the important conversation information about that customer available on a single screen, enabling conversations to be conducted faster and more efficiently. This doesn’t just have an effect on the average handling time and costs per conversation, but also on the service level that the member of staff is able to offer, which is what ultimately helps the customer most.

Expanding the social channels

The first channel on which ABN AMRO integrated Direct Messaging was Twitter, which went live in November 2018, since then Facebook Messenger is live too. Customers expect queries to be handled quickly and the conversation to occur in real time, which is why these channels are important to the bank. This solution will be extended to other direct messaging channels such as WhatsApp in the future.

As an added service especially for ABN AMRO, Social25 created the feature to send GIF files from its application. ‘It is important that our Webcare staff are able to send GIF files and images to help to create a positive customer experience. Thanks to our social communication involving the use of emojis and GIF files, we won the Social Bank Award in 2017. The fact that Social25 enables us to do this is therefore particularly important to us’, explains Kathelijne.

‘Because it is possible for our customer to contact us in real time, without having to put in too much effort, we are also able to use these channels to monitor how a new product or feature is being received. Our Webcare team then provides feedback to the different departments right away.’


Social25 is een applicatie die het mogelijk maakt om vanuit de Salesforce service console in real-time te chatten via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Kik, Line, WeChat, Telegram, Intercom en SMS. Social25 ondersteunt case routing, sentiment en intent analyses en taalherkenning.

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