Gen25 partners with OwnBackup to bring data protection platform to Salesforce users.

With the ever increasing amounts of data which are generated, it’s not only important to catch the value it encompasses but also to use data in a secure and safe manner.

At Gen25 we believe in the power of building a solid cloud-based Salesforce platform which generates and uses data to grow a business. We also look at maximum security and compliance of data, therefore we signed an official partnership with OwnBackup, the #1 SaaS data protection platform.

Data loss or corruption
OwnBackup publishes an annual report which reveals some impressive numbers about data loss and corruption. Based on data collected from over 1,350 global users, this report explores current thoughts, behaviors and trends that emerged in the last year. Some numbers; over 75% of organizations have suffered a data loss or corruption incident in their SaaS CRM application within the last year, and nearly 90% of organizations didn’t fully recover their lost data after an incident.

Gen25 CIO Tim Schuitemaker on the added value for customers: “With the usage of Salesforce CRM you already have a very high security standard. In addition, OwnBackup enables daily, automated backup and rapid recovery of Salesforce data and metadata with no storage limits. With tools to survey changes to an object, filter unwanted data changes, and restore at the field level, it helps customers quickly and easily restore accurate data.”

Value for Salesforce customers
OwnBackup enables Salesforce users to stay in compliance with regulatory demands and in full control of the information their business runs on. Additionally it protects sensitive data from misconfigurations that lead to breaches and non-compliance. For faster innovation, OwnBackup enables companies using Salesforce to propagate data to sandboxes, ideal environments to safely develop, test, and train. OwnBackup offers a range of 4 products via Gen25:

  1. Secure; Strengthen security posture by identifying data exposure risks and proactively taking action.
  2. Recover; Protect data and metadata with comprehensive, automated backups and rapid, stress-free recovery.
  3. Sandbox Seeding; Propagate data to sandboxes for faster innovation and ideal environments to safely develop, test, and train.
  4. Archive; Preserve data in archives with customizable retention policies and simplified compliance and reporting.

Gen25 is a leading Salesforce implementation partner in the Netherlands and the UK, with a customer base in industries like retail, financial services, professional services, travel & hospitality and high-tech. Several customers are already using OwnBackup. If you are interested in experiences or looking for a Salesforce back-up solution, we are happy to help. In addition to Salesforce, OwnBackup als provides data protection solutions for AWS, Microsoft, ServiceNow, Veeva and nCino.

Extra: OwnBackup report on data protection and trends

Read the full OwnBackup report on data protection and trends via:

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