Salesforce offers various clouds and tools to manage customer relationships, generate leads, and gain insight through analytics. However, in some cases adding a specific add-on can really accelerate a specific process. At Gen25 we have developed several add-ons to accelerate your business in Salesforce

Easy integration and maximum result

Advanced clouds like Salesforce and AWS pack a lot of functionalities and configurations options. As an experienced systeem integrator we can set-up the cloud platform configuration according to your requirements. Our 15+ years of experience have resulted in the development of several add-ons to accelerate your business in Salesforce and AWS. We currently have these add-ons running and available:

Make any system field output connect to Salesforce with our integration framework, especially designed to connect any system field output to Salesforce.

Find the ideal candidate for your volunteering project. Volunteer25 is a flexible booking platform based on Booker25 for the effective management of volunteers and volunteering projects.

Give visual insight on the availability of rooms or spaces via your own digital floorplan. Floorplan25 is a visualisation option connected to Booker25, the native Salesforce booking app.

Save space in your Salesforce environment and reduce unnecessary logs/data storage with Retention25.

Offer your employees directly in Salesforce the capability to easily register the time they work on the (customer) projects. Create easy insights in hours worked on projects.

Joris van Wessem
Account executive

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